Where to ask for the help to the child

Where to ask for the help to the child

Children can often face various problems connected as with physical, and mental health. It is necessary that not only parents, but also the child knew where it is necessary to ask for the help otherwise.


1. Explain to the child where he should call if something to happen to it. Tell him the main phone numbers of city services of rescue – 01, 02 and 03 and also 112 – for calls from the mobile phone. Tell in what cases it is necessary to dial the corresponding number immediately. If the child, for example, already independently attends school and walks on the street, it is necessary to buy to him the cell phone. Surely include in its phonebook the mobile phone numbers, including house and office.

2. Make sure that the child knows where there live the immediate family and close friends of your family who can help the child if it is required. Their phones also have to be in its reference book. Acquaint the child with neighbors in a staircase.

3. Tell the child where there are nearest hospitals, police stations and also safe crowded places – supermarkets, the areas, etc. In the absence of an opportunity to use phone the child has to go immediately there.

4. Tell the child phone of the center of the anonymous help and support where he can safely call if it appeared in an unpleasant situation, but does not want to speak about it to parents. It is especially important if the child, for example, is exposed to frequent sneers and pressure from peers at school and on the street, he has complexes, etc.

5. Be aware of where and what help to children appears in your city. Learn what medical institutions are suitable for treatment of any given diseases whether there are in the district centers of psychological assistance. Especially it is important to know it if the child has any disease in the latent form which can be shown at any time. On this case you have to know where it is necessary to bring it immediately. It is also important to know phones of friends of the child to be aware where and with whom he is.

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