Where to descend in day off with the child

Where to descend in day off with the child

On the weekend the parents and children have an opportunity to spend time together and to enjoy society of each other. And, of course, there is a strong wish to have a rest interestingly and with benefit for all. There are various options of carrying out long-awaited weekend which will allow all family members to be loaded with energy and positive emotions for all forthcoming week.


1. Spend informative weekend and acquaint the child with flora and fauna of various countries, having visited a zoo, an oceanarium, a dolphinarium or a terrarium. Children, as a rule, very much like to look at various animals and inhabitants of sea depths. They open for themselves new aspect of life and its variety. It is interesting to least visitors to see acquaintances in books of animals, small fishes and birds.

2. School students have to are interested in visit of planetarium where they can plunge into the amazing world of space and learn a lot of new about stars, planets solar system, asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies.

3. Attend various thematic exhibitions with the child, basing on his interests and hobbies or just for expansion of an outlook: photo, painting, animals and insects, achievements of science and technology and many others.

4. Plunge into the world of a charm and pacification, bright paints and captivating flower aromas - visit a botanical garden. Open for children beauty of the nature, having shown them various exotic plants of our planet. Thus you take the next step in familiarizing of the child with fine.

5. Various single creative classes and master classes will help to diversify leisure also. It can be a molding or drawing, woodcarving, culinary lessons, soap manufacture, production of chocolates, painting on ceramics and many other things. Children are delighted by such fascinating classes, and they with big pride carry away home souvenirs of own production for the memory of this remarkable day.

6. You go with the child to movie theater, it is possible to organize the real celebration for children's soul there - to enjoy the fascinating animated film and to please itself with tasty popcorn. Of course, it is important to choose a picture for viewing according to age and the interests of the child.

7. Indulge the children with tasty delicacies and the special atmosphere of children's cafe. It is a great way in a family way to spend time and to communicate in good company.

8. Of course, it is worth to remember also about family walks in the fresh air which promote a raising of mood and inflow of cheerfulness, energy and forces. It is possible to take a walk in the park, the square or just to wander on small streets of the city, enjoying a conversation with each other. It is also useful to combine walks and active holiday. It is possible to ski together with children, the sledge and skates in the winter, and to master rollers, bicycles and scooters in the summer.

9. In bad weather it is possible to visit children's entertainment complexes which are equipped with small trampolines, pools with multi-colored spheres, various hills and labyrinths. Often they are located in the territory of large shopping centers. Children will have an opportunity to jump, run about, surf and to communicate in plenty to peers.

10. To many children to liking active holiday, in them is a lot of energy which demands an exit. Many school students very much like the karting, rock climbing walls, rollerdroma covered and outdoor ice rinks. You will plunge all family into the world of sport and active games.

11. Acquaint children with culture, visiting various thematic museums, theaters and musical concerts. Of course, when choosing an action it is necessary to be guided by age of the child. For example, there are performances for kids of two years which duration does not exceed 40 minutes, and even the least viewer is able to understand and comprehend a plot.

12. You descend all family in a campaign. Arrange the real adventure with the choice of a route, fishing, a picnic and a family sit-round gathering at a fire. It promotes familiarizing of children with the nature and brings together all family members, and long walk in the fresh air strengthens an organism and for a long time loads with energy.

13. Organize the real celebration to your child - you reduce it in circus. Many children very much like various representations with animals, acrobatic numbers, incendiary music, focuses, competitions and games with clowns.

14. Children of all age, as a rule, very much love aquapark. Various hills and pools will not leave indifferent any visitor, and even to the least and exacting guests there will be a work to liking, it is so exciting to swim together with mom in the pool with warm water or to gambol in the paddling pool. In cold winter weather it is pleasant to plunge into a piece of summer in the covered aquapark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team