Where to descend on New Year's vacation with the child

Where to descend on New Year's vacation with the child

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If desired parents can organize to the child the most memorable New Year's vacation which he will remember with pleasure and to look forward to the next New year. It is only necessary to find free time to visit with children on winter vacation interesting places and sights in your city.


1. Visit with the child various New Year trees, the entrance ticket for which you will manage to acquire. Each New Year's representation differs from another, and for the child another meeting with fantastic heroes and Father Frost will be the most pleasant event of day.

2. Visit children's club for New Year's holidays. In such clubs for children will organize New Year's competitions, sketches, representations with clowns and animators. Children can have fun in the dry pool with balls, on hills, trampolines, in labyrinths.

3. Choose day for communication of the child with animals. For this purpose visit a zoo, a zoocorner, tell the child about animals which you will see there, allow them to consider attentively.

4. On New Year's holidays even if in the city there is no circus building, often visitors actors give circus performances. Surely visit all family circus as such action leaves an indelible bright mark in memory of any child.

5. Many cities of the country have theaters of children's orientation. Acquire tickets in puppet or musical theater, a shadow play, animals, drama. Learn what placings in them are offered for the child of your age.

6. Even if visit of the museum and various exhibitions will seem to parents uninteresting, it does not mean at all, as here it will be boring for the child. Children very much like to be in the museums of historical orientation, to plants and scarecrows of animals, to expositions of ancient inhabitants of the planet, waxworks, exhibitions of dolls. Call the museum in advance and specify time of the tours conducted in it calculated especially for children.

7. In each city there are ice skating rinks with a hire of skates, rollerdroma for skating, kartings (driving on racing machines), planetaria, aquaparks, bowling. Choose one of such places interesting to your child.

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