Where to descend with children on autumn vacation

Where to descend with children on autumn vacation

In spite of the fact that autumn vacation usually the shortest, they coincides with a holiday of National unity, so, parents with children have an extra time on interesting campaigns in different places.


1. In warm weather it is possible to walk with the child on Kolomna. The Indian summer does this place really fascinating, besides there are interesting museums and monuments of architecture. And if you are tired of long walking, it is possible to make walk on the small river tram and to see the city from an unusual foreshortening. Trams regularly depart from pier in Kolomna until the end of November.

2. More than ten years the unique museum "Ice Age" works at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. In it it is possible to see figures of rhinoceroses, saber-toothed tigers, mammoths and many other animals. And in this museum it is possible to touch all exhibits. And excursions on the museum take place with interesting sound and light maintenance that does them interesting to children of all age.

3. Autumn vacation – a great time to go to children's cafe where it is possible to indulge the child with unusual dishes. And in general the visit of cozy small restaurant with unusual registration can become very interesting event for children.

4. Entertainment complexes wait for children not only in days of vacation. Here it is possible to compete with the child in playing air hockey, target shooting, dances and other, having derived from it a lot of pleasure. In certain parks of entertainment it is possible to wander on labyrinths, to drive from hills and to pobarakhtatsya in pools with balls. Here your child can strike up a lot of acquaintances to age-mates who will develop further in true friendship.

5. If your child shows interest in unusual types of activity, descend with it on rollerdry, karting, a skating rink or the rock climbing wall. Similar unusual places will help your child with development of dexterity, speed of reaction and flexibility. Many children who began to do unusual sport at early age do not lose to it interest and, having matured, do it to the unusual hobbies.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team