Where to give the child on gymnastics in Kazan

Where to give the child on gymnastics in Kazan

If your child with pleasure carries out various gymnastic exercises, with ease can stretch out or make a rack on shovels, so it is time to send him to gymnastics section. These sections in Kazan there is a huge number, and only the correctness of the choice will allow you to grow up future athlete.


1. Find out as it is possible in more detail about all types of gymnastics and age restrictions for classes them. On each type of gymnastics there are nuances, for example age. On some types it is possible to give from 3 years, and on some - only with 4 or 5.

2. Decide on the choice of a type of gymnastics. After specification of various nuances it is necessary to decide on what gymnastics – art, sports, acrobatic – you will give the child.

3. Pay attention to what exercises your child carries out best of all. If it likes to hang on bars or a horizontal bar, safely give on acrobatic gymnastics. At interest in exercises with some objects – in art section.

4. Study all list of sports sections. Select those most of which fully meet your requirements. For example, sports school 1, SDYuSShOR "Grace", Sports Tulpar complex, Center of gymnastics of the city of Kazan. Also the proximity to the house, and time of visit of section, convenient for you, are important.

5. Visit these sections for a detailed conversation with the trainer. The true professional of the business will surely refer as the proof of the words to various certificates and documents for study.

6. During visit attentively see all stock. Be not afraid to set a set, even silly questions. Than you learn more, especially will fully imagine all strong and weaknesses of this institution.

7. At the final choice of section bring the child there. Many trainers can want to look at the future pupil regarding further work with it.

8. Do not swear if refused to you. At refusal each trainer will explain the reasons and will even advise that type of gymnastics which will effectively be the most suitable for your child. Or will prompt certain age for gymnastic activity.

9. If you do not accept any institution, then it is possible to walk also on sports schools. At them also quite often arrange sections for preschool children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team