Where to give the child to dance

Where to give the child to dance

The popularity of dances promptly grows. It was promoted by numerous television projects and show programs. Dance is not only art, but also coordination of movements, feeling of a rhythm, good lungs, a slim figure, a correct posture, the increased mood and excellent health. There is a question where exactly to give the child to dance for his all-round development. On what type of dancing culture.


1. Amount of the dancing styles suitable for children, it is possible to subdivide into the following conditionally: ballet, ballroom dances, national dances, modern dances. It is necessary to choose, considering also opinion of the child, also show consideration for the choice of such style as the ballet as this style assumes big physical activities on a backbone and joints of the growing organism.

2. When choosing the ballet for the first classes of the child stop on his version – the bodi-ballet, the new facilitated direction of the art ballet. At the bodi-ballet there are elements of choreography, exercise on an extension, development of muscles of a back, flexibility, but such dancing style does not contain excessive loadings.

3. Give the child on ballroom dances which, as a type of dancing art, is the most widespread today. Ballroom dances are subdivided into the European dancing school including the waltz, the tango and a foxtrot. Also there is the Latin American ball school which will teach to dance the child a samba, to a point and a cha-cha-cha.

4. You wish to cultivate feeling of interest in history of the people and world national cultures in the child, give the kid on national dances where the child will learn to dance the hopak, krakowiak, the Pole, belly dance, the Lezgian, the Gipsy dances and other types of dancing folk art.

5. Modern dances can please the same modern children liking to comprehend all innovative, restless, vigorous. Studios of modern dance can be subdivided into fashionable dances of the end of last century and the beginning present in the spirit of a modernist style, kontemporar, breakdance and others. There are also more modern, based in the 21st century dances, such as hip-hop, house, techtonic dance, popping and other.

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