Where to give the child to take dancing classes in Moscow

Where to give the child to take dancing classes in Moscow

It is also prestigious to give the child on dances in Moscow today, as well as to teach him to music. To choreography most of children what you will not tell about presence of ear for music at them have tendency. It is absolutely simple to choose classes in Moscow which will surely please the little man. If it was necessary to choose between the ballet and national dances earlier, then today there is a huge amount of styles, beginning from a rap and finishing with a Latina. Something from this surely will interest the small child.


1. If you burn with desire that the child knew differences between the terms "battement" and "plie", you should awaking send him to a class with choreographic preparation. It can be found practically in each dancing circle. In certain cases classical choreographic preparation is taught at comprehensive schools and the special centers of out-of-school work. If your purpose is in that the child could operate the body at the professional level, then not to do it without rhythmics.

2. The earlier it will turn out to give to the child on dances, the it is more at him than chances to shine in the future on the big stage. However, to reach such level, the kid should give all the free time to classes to the ballet. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the ballet demands great patience, commitment and concentration. Not each six-year-old child is capable to repeat the same movement within one or two hours to bring it to perfection. And if to add here an obligatory strict diet, then will become clear that the ballet suits not everyone.

3. If the child does not want to be engaged in the ballet, then it can be given on sports dances at which there are also classes on an extension, and choreographic elements of the ballet. Such dances are based on studying the Latin American and European styles. However, such dances have one minus consisting in expensive suits which not each family can afford.

4. The child of 12 years can be sent on the classes club dances enjoying wide popularity among modern teenagers. Such dances have a set of versions. Some of them left from street cultures, others have lines of classical dance. The feature of club style is that all dancing pases are under construction on improvisation. It allows the dancer most to think out sheaves.

5. The teenagers preferring more classical direction can be sent to school where is trained to the Latin American dances which represent mix of various currents. Here the cha-cha-cha, salsa and many others enters a point.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team