Where to receive the health policy for the newborn

Where to receive the health policy for the newborn

According to the rules of insurance existing today happy parents, having hardly got posterity, have to think of the health insurance of the born little man. In Russia there are 2 types of insurance today: obligatory – at the expense of the state, and voluntary – at the expense of parents. They supplement, but do not exclude each other.


1. Until the registration and issue of the official birth certificate the boys and girls are served according to the policy of mother. However the official metrics demands the fastest appeal to any licensed insurance company chosen as parents or trustees for obtaining the so-called policy of compulsory health insurance which form and structure differs in nothing from the policy intended for the adult.

2. Officially newborns have full authority to receive any medical care for three months after the moment of birth, however, specialists of insurance companies and pediatricians warn that process of obtaining own policy does not demand delay, after the marked period the medical organization will be obliged to make out the official invoice for payment of all the services.

3. To issue an insurance one of parents of the child should show to the agent of the chosen company the official birth certificate of the kid and the civil passport which in this case and is the main document confirming the right of representation in the presence of the Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account is better to capture also him.

4. The application form can be filled in for execution of the document as in the chosen insurance company with direct participation of the expert, and is prepared in house conditions. Both data of the kid and personal data of his lawful parents or representatives are specified in it. Today grandmothers and grandfathers other relatives who in the presence of a simple written form of the power of attorney can be in insurance on behalf of the child's parents can replace strongly busy fathers and mothers, having taken at the same time all aforesaid papers and documents. It is also necessary to tell that by the time of obtaining the interim certificate, it is desirable to register the child, however, today insurance companies practice also the indication of an official place of registration of one of parents of the kid.

5. The so-called interim certificate which official form guarantees obtaining centrally the issued termless policy and an opportunity to receive the full list of all medical services guaranteed by the system of free health insurance of the state is transferred to representatives to the moment of signing of the application for hands. About time of obtaining the constant policy you will be told by both expiration date of action of the interim certificate, and the formal notice sent by the chosen insurance company.

6. It is not important whether you will choose the central office as insurance or one of its official representations, the main thing that the medical institution cooperated with this company and had with it the existing contract of financing.

7. In towns and furthermore in villages the insurance companies have the representative in the building of hospitals and policlinics, it is very convenient, young parents do not need to go anywhere. Quite often already from walls of maternity hospital of mummy contact with a complete set of documents the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team