Where to receive the medical policy for the newborn

Where to receive the medical policy for the newborn

Compulsory health insurance - a guarantee of protection of health in any circumstances. Such protection is necessary not only the adult, but also the smallest. To receive the health policy for the newborn rather easily, but at the same time it is necessary to pay attention to several nuances.

The medical policy for the newborn – the document similar to the health policy issued to adults. It gives the chance to receive free medical care and becomes attached to regional medical institutions in the actual place of residence.

What is required for obtaining the medical policy

First of all it is necessary to receive the birth certificate of the kid. It is given in the REGISTRY OFFICE in the period of since birth child before execution to it one month. The certificate should be had at itself at the time of the appeal to the medical insurance company (MIC). Providing to the document to photocopy, but not the original is possible.

It is also necessary to show the passport of the father or child's mother, it is obligatory with a mark about registration at the certain place of residence. And further to fill in the special application form on the established sample for obtaining the medical policy. If the registration for the kid is not issued yet, the address of the actual accommodation is included in the statement according to the parent, and the health policy of the newborn becomes attached to district clinic at the place of residence.

Policy dates of receipt

Obtaining the policy – the simple procedure which is not demanding collecting the huge package of documents and daily storage in turns. Meanwhile, the term for which health care insurance will be issued quite strongly varies. Here everything depends on insurance company to which the child's parents address. The choice of SMO is not limited, but in some organizations the policy is issued at once, within half an hour from the moment of the address, and others can process documents up to 30 calendar days, providing the temporary policy for this term. When providing the temporary medical policy in it terms during which it is valid, and date when it is necessary to address for the constant policy surely are affixed. Anyway, it is not necessary to delay with obtaining this document as the newborn can receive the free help in medical institutions only in the first three months of the life. After this term, in the absence of the medical policy at the newborn, policlinics legally will demand payment of the services. As a rule, filing of application on registration of compulsory health insurance and obtaining the document take totally no more than one day. Probability to stay some time in a queue in insurance company will be the only unpleasant moment in this case. But, besides, here everything depends on the choice of the organization.

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