Where to store children's drawings

Where to store children's drawings

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Sooner or later before any mom there is a question - where to put and how to store fine creations of the young artist. Decorate with children's drawings your house, and in it there will always be a solar mood.


1. Place drawings on the fridge, having attached them magnets.

2. Buy a magnetic or pith board, attach it to a wall, and already on it by means of magnets or push pins hang up the drawing.

3. Hang out drawings on a wall, having used the special systems of fastening similar to velcros. One their part fastens to the drawing, and the second - to a wall. Then they clean up, without having spoiled wall-paper.

4. Stretch a fishing line or thick thread in all wall, hook on it on clothespegs to which you attach drawings. Eaves for curtains, the kitchen railing, a hanger with clothespegs for trousers can become options of such placement.

5. You can place drawings in a framework for photos, to hang out a framework on the wall so that they corresponded to arrangement of figures on hours, and in the middle to place the clockwork or just to make arrows.

6. Paste on wall-paper or doors posters in the form of a framework and place children's drawings in them.

7. If you want to remove drawings, use for this purpose folders with the clamping mechanism or folders with pages files. Drawings of a bigger format can be stored in folders artists which can be bought in specialized shop. Such folders will find the place behind a sofa or a case.

8. Also for a large number of drawings it is possible to use plastic containers of A4 format.

9. Hand-made articles and memorable things can be stored on racks for CD - and DVD disks, in a deep framework for photos, on the very narrow racks made of wooden laths or bars. Adapt as a support for a hand-made article the cutlery tray which is hung up on a wall or a deep frame into which small boxes are inserted.

10. Volume hand-made articles can be photographed and to make a collage or an album of the received photos.

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