Whether anesthesia is dangerous to tooth at pregnancy

Whether anesthesia is dangerous to tooth at pregnancy

To treat tooth now or then? This question is raised by a set of disagreements at pregnant women. Only gynecologists and stomatologists remain are unshakable – dental care for future mothers is a necessary measure for development and the birth of the healthy kid.

Why teeth so quickly spoil

At pregnancy course the organism of the woman is exposed to huge hormonal reorganization. This natural process is entirely aimed at all-round development of a fruit, but together with it negatively affects a condition of a mouth and directly teeth. During this period, difficult for women, not only earlier treated teeth, but also quite healthy can collapse.

During pregnancy in an organism of the woman the lack of calcium is sharply felt. This chemical element which is in plasma of maternal blood forms a fruit skeleton. In case of the shortage of calcium in plasma there is a process of its washing away of skeletal system and the pregnant woman's teeth, and in the presence of an oral cavity infection the destruction processes considerably accelerate. Therefore gynecologists in the first trimester of pregnancy recommend to accept a preventive rate of vitamins.

To anesthetize or suffer?

The most frequent question to the stomatologist - whether to pregnant women to treat teeth with anesthesia is authorized? For this purpose it is necessary to know for what purpose and in what cases apply anesthetics. Usually anesthesia is shown to pregnant women for treatment of difficult cases of caries, at gum surgeries or during removal of a painful tooth. If at least one of above-mentioned problems during pregnancy exists, then the visit to dental clinic will be inevitable. You should not put visit of the stomatologist away for later since the microorganisms parasitizing in the infected oral cavity can lead to inflammation of gums, and then get to blood that is unsafe for a fruit.

What it is necessary to know about anesthesia

Anesthesia of tooth of future mother is very important for full dental treatment. Here emphasis is placed on local anesthesia which perfectly copes with pain and is harmless to an organism. Anesthesia helps to get rid of excessive experience and a stress, saves from pain which can badly affect a condition of mother and a fruit. Today in an arsenal of dentists for such cases there are special medications containing artikain. This anesthesia does not harm future child and has no side effects. Well proved for anesthesia of teeth at pregnant women such local anesthetics as ubistezin and ultrakain. One more immutable rule has to be the fact that dental care with anesthesia is possible only in the second trimester of term.

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