Whether chickenpox is dangerous to the baby?

Whether chickenpox is dangerous to the baby?

Most often those who attend kindergartens and schools suffer from chickenpox, but also the baby can get sick. So parents of kids always have to be on the alert and the nobility what to be afraid of.

The Varitsella-Zostera virus from family of herpeses is the reason of development of chickenpox. It very flying and quickly extends in the airborne way. For infection it is optional to contact to the patient, it is enough to be with it in one room, not for nothing the infection is called chicken pox.

Possible ways of infection and probability of development of a disease

It is considered to be that kids up to 3 months which nurse are under protection of maternal immunity against many diseases including chickenpoxes. Having once had it, the organism develops antibodies which protect the person for the rest of the life. Therefore if mom had chicken pox, then the child to this age will not get sick with it.

It is possible to infect the kid even before childbirth if the pregnant woman gets sick with chickenpox in 2–3 days prior to appearance of the child. It is connected with the fact that development of antibodies requires time, 5 - 7 days, and an organism do not manage to cope with a virus. The kid will be born already with chickenpox which in this case can proceed in a severe form. Also kids whose mothers had no chickenpox have no protection and were not imparted from this infection. Probability to be infected and at the children who are on artificial nutrition is high. Their disease can proceed very hard too. To ache with chickenpox at contact with the patient the probability at all kids appears 3 months are more senior. During this period those who are on breastfeeding continue to receive mother's antibodies therefore the disease proceeds easily. Other kids have a virus more difficult.

What is chicken pox dangerous by?

Chickenpox is a disease of which bubbly rashes are characteristic. The main feature – pimples develop not all at once, and in stages. The period of a rash lasts from 3 to 8 days. Every time appearance of rash is followed by deterioration in a state, appear: - high temperature which does not get off medications; - headaches; - the ache is obese; - itch. Rashes are located on all body of the kid, on external and internals, mucous. It is one of danger factors, the child can begin to choke. He refuses food because of pain and becomes very whimsical. Severe itch and pain constant satellites of chickenpox. Combing blisters, the child provokes new rashes. Liquid from pimples is very infectious, with its help it is easy to infect other person. At hit in an open wound of other infections the condition of the child worsens, purulent abscesses and bloody pimples can develop, after mending there will be hems. Infection with chicken pox of kids about one year can become the reason of development of such serious illness as encephalitis, pneumonia, otitis. After chickenpox, violations in work of kidneys, hearts, nervous system, the musculoskeletal device are sometimes observed. Repeated infection leads to appearance of shingles, the infection very painfully proceeds. It is known that complications are observed at children with the weakened immunity or with congenital violations in this area. If the kid was born strong and healthy, then at emergence of the first symptoms of chickenpox it is not necessary to panic. It is necessary to call the doctor and further precisely to implement his recommendations. In most cases the disease proceeds without complications and benign.

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