Whether children can paint nails

Whether children can paint nails

Children like to imitate adults, especially parents. Observing as mom does manicure or a pedicure, the girl can stretch to nail varnish too, and sometimes and mothers want to teach as soon as possible daughters "to preen feathers". But training can be not such harmless as it seems.

For the first time desire to paint nails can arise at the girl at the age of 3-4 years when parents are a reference face for the child and desire to imitate them is especially expressed. Possibly and influence of peers: the girl can see the made-up nails at the girlfriend and want to follow her example.

Influence of nail varnish on health

Some parents consider that nail varnish is harmless as it is intended for external application. Nevertheless a part of the substances which are contained in varnish nevertheless gets into an organism.

Some substances which are a part of nail varnishes are extremely harmful. Formaldehyde reduces immunity and has negative effect on nervous system. Toluene and methyl benzene are among cancerogenic substances. Not less harm is done by camphor and acetone. All these substances harm not only to an organism in general, but also to nails, doing them weak, fragile. It is possible to bring such nails into an appropriate look only by means of varnish, it is necessary to apply it often, therefore, the amount of postupayemy hazardous substances in an organism increases. Similar chemical influence threatens even an organism of the adult woman, and the organism of the child is much more vulnerable. Expensive varnishes produced by solid firms are less dangerous, but also they are not deprived of harmful impurity. Even such varnish is capable to lead to disorder of digestion and even to poisoning if its particle gets into a stomach, and the habit to gnaw nails is inherent in many children.

Psychological influence

Everything that is done by parents, is desired for the child also because it is perceived as attribute of maturity, it is connected with desire of the child "to become big". Connecting a concept of growing with use of cosmetics, parents form vicious installation which will surely prove in the future at the daughter: "attractiveness for an opposite sex – the main value". Such girl risks to grow up not the self-sufficient personality, but the "doll" aimed "to sell herself more expensively". Other vicious installation connected with excessively early acquaintance to cosmetics including nail varnish, associates idea of beauty only with use of cosmetics. It is much more important to create idea of "beauty of health" at the girl. Coloring of nails can meet negative reaction from tutors in kindergarten or teachers at school. If parents get because of it into conflict with teachers, the authority of teachers in the opinion of the girl will suffer if parents obey to requirements, their own authority will suffer ("at first resolved, then forbade"). The pedagogical effect in both cases will be negative. If parents after all want to teach the daughter to use cosmetics in general and nail varnish in particular, it is better to apply the special cosmetics intended for children. Even such varnish should not be used every day. It is necessary to explain to the girl in advance that she will paint nails only in special cases – for example, for a visit to the theater or on a visit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team