Whether children can use Vishnevsky's ointment?

Whether children can use Vishnevsky's ointment?

Any medicine at treatment of the child can be applied only on doctor's orders. It and such harmless and concerns long ago the external means applied in medical practice as Vishnevsky's ointment. In spite of the fact that this ointment appeared and used in medicine already long time, from physicians it is possible to hear various opinion both on its efficiency, and on expediency of application even at adults, not to mention application in pediatrics.

At what problems ointment is applied

At women's forums of mom impart experience on use of this medicine for children at various problems. Gnoynichki, furuncles, hardenings after inoculations, inflammations of lymph nodes, wounds and bruises.

In the medical instruction ointment is recommended at treatment of abscesses and furuncles, lymphadenites, burns, frostbites, wounds. It does not contain any forbidding instructions concerning use of ointment for children, i.e. children do not have the categorical ban to application from official medicine.

Side effects and contraindications

But in side effects from use of ointment the possibility of an allergy appears. It is shown by rash and an itch of skin. The same can be also at overdose. The only contraindication to use of medicine – possible individual sensitivity to the components making it. To avoid these unpleasant manifestations even if you apply ointment according to the recommendation of the doctor, will not prevent to make the individual intolerance test before use. Skin at children gentle and very sensitive to irritants. Even weak irritant action of such natural component as tar, can cause in some children undesirable reaction in the form of rashes and an itch. The child's skin as a sponge, absorbs all substances which get on it. To avoid overdose, you apply ointment with a thin layer. When using it in the form of compresses cannot be assumed that ointment directly contacted to the child's skin. It is applied on fabric or several layers of a gauze.

Arguments of opponents of use of ointment

It is a lot of also opponents at this medicine. They consider Vishnevsky's ointment the outdated and ineffective means long ago. It is necessary to apply instead of it new, more modern antiseptics with use of antibiotics. Practice of use of this ointment became outdated long ago. It is impossible to give it on a surface wounds. It creates an oil film and interferes with oxygen access. In the oxygen-free environment there is a fast reproduction of anaerobic bacteria. There is not enough weak disinfecting effect of birch tar to cope with an infection. It is necessary to consider both points of view. Having made the decision on medicine use, it is necessary to apply it correctly, previously having consulted with the doctor. Only it will be able to define severity of the arisen problem. The doctor will solve, to use this ointment or stronger is necessary antiseptics. It will help to cope with a disease, to avoid mistakes in application and undesirable allergic reactions at the child.

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