Whether children should buy pregnant dolls

Whether children should buy pregnant dolls

Do you have fears, but you are sure of the child and consider him rather mature and realizing reverence of pregnancy? You can quite buy him a pregnant doll. Other question: whether you are afraid of that?

Games with a pregnant doll disputable. The toy represents a doll with a door in a stomach behind which there is a tiny plastic kid. Other option – the false stomachs complete with a doll representing pregnancy of different months.

Fear of intimate interest

The excessive realness of a toy can guard parents. First of all, fears concern that the doll stimulates the unhealthy interest of children in intimate aspects of life, up to development into something pathological.

However it is necessary to understand that children can ask questions of the world around, to learn its secrets. Initially they do not divide it into legal and forbidden. Interest in own body, games in the doctor and the questions connected with it – the natural stage of development of the child caused at all not by a toy. On the contrary, the pregnant doll can become the good visual aid for the parents helping the kid to explore the world and to develop inquisitiveness. For the similar purposes there are special museums showing the internal device of the person and functioning of its systems of activity.

Fear of rough games

One more parental fear at a game with a pregnant doll – courageous children's imaginations. The child can start rough, aggressive pranks on pregnancy and birth and further to create and fix the inadequate relation to these processes. It is worth thinking that children - small mirrors of the environment. If the kid grows in psychologically healthy family where he is not simply surrounded with care, but also regularly is in the esthetic atmosphere, hardly and in games he will be prone to cruelty. If roughnesses, nevertheless are noticed, it is worth thinking of family climate and the child's environment seriously.

Fear of braking of imagination

The main danger of pregnant dolls and other hyper realistic toys in lack of stimulation of children's imagination and slowing down of development of creative skills. Such toys represent the ready decisions which are not demanding objections and to anything not stimulating. In fight against these problems there is a set of toys of other philosophy. As, for example, Valfdorsky dolls - conditionally representing the person, with hardly planned features and different density of parts of a body. Valfdorsky toys are learned observation and comparison, help to realize human corporality, to finish drawing untold. If the child wants to play pregnancy, he can reflect as well as from what to attach to a doll a tummy, to ask at mom on appearance of children. Perhaps, further he will want to esteem on this subject of the book or to go to the museum. In passing the kid will have many new questions and incentives. At this stage it is possible not just to tell it physiology, but also to bring accurately to relationship between floors.

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