Whether dreams should betray value

Whether dreams should betray value

The belief that on dreams it is possible to predict future was born not from scratch. Comparing dreams and events of real life, many people notice between them a certain communication. The competent analysis of the dreams is able to allow the person to avoid very many troubles.

Most of scientists consider dreams no more than processing a brain of the person of information accumulated in a day. At the same time, alternative researchers consider that dreams are something much bigger. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. It is impossible to deny the fact that events of day directly influence the maintenance of dreams. But also dreams can influence events of the next days directly.

Prophetic dreams

Very many people at least once in life had the prophetic dreams which very precisely predicted any given events. Someone will tell that it no more than coincidence, and in something the will be rights – coincidence sometimes and really takes place. However in many cases the dreams really predict future, any person can make sure of it. Moreover, dreams not just predict the future events, but also actively program them. And it is that moment on which it is worth paying special attention.

Prophetic dreams are characteristic the fact that they very clearly show some situation even if it is allegoric. For example, the person dreams the distant relative or the acquaintance whom he did not remember many months if not years. The situation in which he sees him something is unpleasant. Report to him in the afternoon that this person died. Coincidence probability is too small here, such dream really is prophetic. It is important to understand that prophetic dreams not just predict something – they show a situation which already occurred on the thin plan. This situation will be shown also in usual reality soon. It is very difficult to change it, and in many cases it is impossible, it can do only to the magician able to work with thin plans.

Whether it is worth trusting dream books

In dreams information often appears in an allegoric look. For example, you dreamed about the person who fell from a roof. Whether it means that in reality he is threatened by danger? It is not obligatory as falling from height can mean loss of some official position, the authority, etc. In this case information is in a certain way coded and demands interpretation. For interpretation of dreams most often use dream books. But in practice they seldom are useful as at each person exists, peculiar only to it, the system of coding of dreams. There are certain moments similar for different people, but after all it is more differences. To learn to interpret the dreams, it is necessary to keep a diary of dreams. In the diary you write down dreams in the morning, and in the evening – events of day and look for between them interrelations. In several years of such work you will be able to reveal certain templates which with very high probability will be prompted to you what it is worth being afraid in the afternoon of what it is worth paying attention, etc. to. There is not a lot of such templates, several dozen. But they work very well. Thus, dreams can be trusted – but only in case you learned to decipher them correctly. What as it was already told above, demands rather long methodical work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team