Whether fat is possible for the feeding mom

Whether fat is possible for the feeding mom

The medicine ranks fat as rather useful products. That fat did not do harm to health, it is better to use it in moderate quantity. It is a product of high fat content therefore during feeding by a breast many seek to increase milk fat content similar products. But whether it is worth entering actually fat into a diet of young mom, without being afraid for consequences for the child?

Smoked or usual fat in the period of a lactation

During feeding by a breast the woman has to adhere to a certain diet, excluding thereby from the diet some products. The list of such products includes fat grades of meat and fat. So high-calorie meat delicacies badly are digested digestive tract because of the considerable content of fat.

Smoked fat is also included in the list of the bans. After pregnancy and childbirth young mom seeks to restore the organism. For performance of this task it is necessary to eat properly. Also balanced diet contributes to the healthy and timely development of the kid. The food consumed by mom contains only useful substances. About any smoked products, especially about smoked fat, out of the question. Unfortunately, the products which are badly acquired by an organism of the feeding mom can cause allergic reaction in the child. And fat can quite be such allergen.

How to use fat to the feeding mom

The feeding period a breast can last long enough. Sometimes the refusal of pleasure to eat favourite products develops into difficult test. To avoid a stress, it is possible to try to enter into the menu fat, but with the smallest amount of spices and spices. Besides the meat product will be more useful, than the food rich with preservatives, artificial additives and food colorings. Also meat product should not be smoked and is better buy it fresh, and then salt independently. In the first months it is after the delivery better not to use at all fat products because the small and defenseless organism of the kid can transfer such load of digestive tract very hard. Before beginning to eat fat, it is necessary to enter this product into the diet gradually. For this purpose it is necessary to eat fat about three days since morning, without adding to the menu of new products that by the end of day the reaction was visible. Attentive observation of the state of health of the kid, a stake of the child and the general behavior is required. If there are no difficulties, the feeding mom can quietly diversify the bothered products with fat. However, you should not abuse. It should be noted that the use of this meat product bears in itself and some pluses. Fat contains vitamins A, D, E in a significant amount for maintenance of immunity. In fat there is a set of the amino acids necessary for an organism. Availability of cholesterol in butter it is much bigger therefore sometimes it can be replaced with fat as a source of fats.

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