Whether happens that fortune-telling on different hands differs

Whether happens that fortune-telling on different hands differs

Guessing up to a palm - one of the most ancient ways of a prediction. It allows to learn a lot of things about the fate of the person, his motivation, a way of thinking and other parties of the personality. Complete idea of the person can be made, having studied both of his hands.

The chiromancy as science, is subdivided into two parts — actually chiromancy and a hirognomiya. The first studies signs and lines on palms, is engaged in the analysis of the past and predictions of the future. The second considers a shape of fingers and a hand, studies hereditary influences and predispositions.

The building, form, the size of hands, saturation of palms various lines provide important information on character of the person, giving a basis for more detailed analysis of a situation.

Traditionally it is considered that the left and right palms represent various sides of one personality. The left hand shows the inherited, unrealized potential of the person. Lines on the right hand show that part of potential which you managed to realize in present life. For this reason for receiving complete idea of destiny and character of the person it is accepted to study both palms. It is necessary to consider that some vital events can be shown only on one palm.

In most cases the left hand shows with what you are born, and right — as you dispose of it and what you reach. If the person — the lefthander, palms have to be read specularly. Always it is necessary to remember that quite large number of congenital lefthanders was retrained in the childhood therefore most of chiromantists always specify this information at clients before being engaged in the analysis of palms. The left hand reflects internal true essence. On the left palm it is possible to see your motivations and sincere movements. This hand tells about the complex problems which touched you events and words, strong feelings in other words — about what left a deep emotional mark in life. The left palm stores information on your real personality, on it it is possible to see reflection of your secret dreams, fears, problems. This hand is tied with creativity, on it the tendency to any given art form, existence of talents is distinguished. Many parents take the children to chiromantists at rather early age to learn what talents and abilities will need to be developed in the future. On the left hand difficult focal points of human life, age and circumstances which will demand close attention further are visible. The right hand shows all that you got used to parade. Signs on this hand can prompt the optimum ways for achievement of achievements in career suitable only you ways of achievement of financial wellbeing and a high position in society. The right palm shows possible solutions of those problems and development of nodal events, information on which can be found on the left hand.

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