Whether harmfully to put the child in walkers

Whether harmfully to put the child in walkers

Today there is a set of various devices which help to look after the small child. One of the most popular are walkers as they allow though for a while to release to mom of a hand for household chores while the kid can move independently about the room, studying space.

In walkers children usually behave quietly, do not ask on handles, begin to learn the world actively. They quickly acquire the mechanism of process of circulation on two legs. The design of walkers is very often executed in such a way that bumpers on them are wider than the scope of hands of the kid, that is child can be left for some time unguarded, without worrying at the same time that it will reach the socket or will grab scissors. But, in fact, it and all advantages of acquisition of walkers.

Walkers prevent to creep

The main lack of use of walkers, the fact that the child can or pass the crawling period at all is, or will creep less, than it is necessary for harmonious development. Crawling, is one of the most important stages in development of the child. As a rule, kids before starting walking, creep about three months that, in turn, is necessary for strengthening of the musculoskeletal device and muscles of a back.

Crawling rather well influences uniform development of cerebral hemispheres and development of coordination of movements.

One more negative factor is too big load in walkers of the musculoskeletal device of the child and a backbone. If the kid independently does not go yet, his organism still means to it it is not ready, and it is unknown how it can be reflected in a condition of a backbone and coxofemoral joints further. If the child has a dysplasia, then him is strictly forbidden to put in walkers as it can do it a bigger harm.

The increased injury risk

Being in walkers, the kid is protected by bumpers from all directions, and respectively does not study care. In spite of the fact that walkers possess a wide design, they are rather injury-causing. Thresholds, the scattered toys on a floor, hillocks on a carpet – all this can become the reason of capsizing of walkers and, as a result, injuries at the child.

As in prison

Also, sitting in walkers, the child constantly is at the same height and cannot freely rise and squat. What, in turn, is unhealthy and has enough negative effect on ability of the kid to seize the body, it is correct to coordinate movements, to balance, not to fall.

Sitting in walkers, the child does not learn to go at all, and only to rearrange legs, at the same time he does not seize balance maintenance art that is so necessary for circulation.

Walkers, though are help for mother, in essence, do more harm to the kid, than advantage. The nature itself planned time when to the child to creep when to go.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team