Whether inoculations are harmful to babies

Whether inoculations are harmful to babies

A few years ago did not ask consent to an inoculation for the newborn young mothers. They were made to each baby who had no "medical branch". Today in the sphere of inoculations for babies a lot of things exchanged.

What changes happened

First, consciousness of parents exchanged. They began to think that each intervention in an organism of the child bears certain consequences which depend in many respects on specific features of children's health.

Secondly, the modern legislation recognizes option for parents in respect of performing vaccination. Therefore threats of pediatricians that not imparted child will not be taken in school or a garden, absolutely unreasonable.

About harm of inoculations

The question of whether inoculations are harmful to babies, is violently discussed in recent years. Opponents of vaccination prove the beliefs about harm of this procedure the following facts: - The very first vaccination done in maternity hospital is called BCZh. To the west from it refused long ago, but in the former Soviet Union it becomes to all children. BCZh does not prevent infection with tuberculosis, but helps to avoid severe forms in case of a disease. Vaccination done to the baby changes functions of a liver and has vaccine-challenged complications. - Fight against hepatitis B begins also in maternity hospital. Because of the complications connected with an inoculation, WHO recommended to producers of vaccines to reduce dosages or to refuse preservatives in its structure. - The baby, at the age of one month, receives the same dose of vaccine, as the child of five years. That is the unripe immune system of the baby has to fight against the causative agent of a disease the same as it would be made by more adult organism. - Researches of experts of the different countries show that the syndrome of sudden death of the child is connected with vaccination. - The immunity acquired by means of an inoculation is not lifelong. Through certain time the revaccination will be required. - Breastfeeding protects a children's organism better than artificial inoculations. With mother's milk the child receives antibodies to different diseases including to from what children diligently impart. - And, at last, presently there are any more no many diseases against which society still combats. They did not disappear completely, but are shown by isolated cases and treated by modern medicines. So, the main argument for refusal of inoculations, are serious collateral reactions and a question of need to carry out vaccination. Of course, each parent has the right to make as finds necessary, but you should not forget about responsibility which he bears for the made decisions.

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