Whether it is admissible to paint nails in different flowers

Whether it is admissible to paint nails in different flowers

with use of varnishes of different flowers enjoys wide popularity now. Today it is quite admissible to paint nails varnishes of opposite shades.

Use of varnishes of different flowers

Couple of decades ago women preferred to paint nails varnishes of red, orange, pink shades. At the same time it was very desirable that the tone of varnish matched tone of lipstick. Such manicure was considered as classical. Use of varnishes of extravagant shades, as well as coloring of nails in different colors, was considered as sign of bad form. Today it not only is quite admissible, but also it is very fashionable.

Modern women very safely combine shades of varnishes at discretion. At the same time the technology of performance of manicure can be different. For example, now it is very fashionable to paint 4 nails of one hand in one color, and the fifth nail - in another. By means of this reception it is possible to emphasize beauty of modest ringlet on finger.

It is also admissible to allocate with varnish of other shade nails on 2 fingers of one hand. Also manicure in which all nails are painted in different colors is in certain cases appropriate.

Choice of shade of nail varnish

In order that manicure looked really elegantly and brightly, it is necessary to select competently shades of nail varnishes and to be able to combine them among themselves. Now it is admissible to use both complementary colors, and opposite. Manicure during which creation varnishes of various shades of the same color are used looks interestingly, but on - real the combination of varnishes which colors are located on the opposite sides of color circle brightly looks. For example, varnish of violet color will very favourably shade enamel of greenish shade. Young and bright girls are able to afford combination of black and white varnish. More mature ladies can advise to choose less courageous combinations. Very interestingly so-called gradient manicure in which the nail of each finger is painted by varnish of less intensive shade, than at covering which was used for coloring of the previous nail looks. For this purpose it is not obligatory to buy five various shades of varnish at all. It is possible to get means of one tone and also special product which will help to dilute varnish, reducing at the same time intensity of the chosen shade. It is possible to afford more courageous color combinations in manicure in the flying. At the same time it is necessary to remember that when coloring nails on hands in different colors the pedicure has to be rather quiet. It is better to paint nails standing varnish of the same shade.

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