Whether it is easy to be the child prodigy

Whether it is easy to be the child prodigy

Child prodigies are people whose talent revealed in the early childhood. They strike surrounding with the achievements, and then or try to obtain world calling, or "fade away" in obscurity. The wrong education leads to the fact that the child, ingenious from the birth, does not find the niche and or becomes "normal", or seriously gets sick. Only units manage to light a star of the destiny and to remain in a sky of human glory forever.

Scientific opinion

Many scientists believe that child prodigies are obliged by the early endowments the high level of hormones in a hypophysis. These hormones influence development of certain sites of a brain and promote early intellectual growing. Biophysics consider that fault to they are the geomagnetic waves influencing a fruit during pregnancy. If pregnancy happens in the period of a certain ratio of magnetic waves, then it can lead to the birth on light of the child prodigy.

It is necessary to distinguish genius and "effect of the child prodigy". Most of all strikes in child prodigies not the level of their mind, but extent of development concerning age. Parents and people around admire abilities of the child, show his works and are surprised to the fact that at so early age their child makes such progress. Meanwhile, results of works can be not so brilliant. Read verses of young talents and think: whether so they are good if to forget for a minute that they were written by children?

Formation of the child prodigy

Child prodigies go ahead of the peers. They are successful in those spheres in which the life experience is not necessary: in poetry, mathematics, music, physics. Children very quickly overtake the age-mates and, "jumping" from a class in a class, appear among seniors. The child prodigies occupied by themselves and own talent do not pay attention to the social status and turn into pariahs, lonely and unfortunate people with deficiency of communication. We hear about child prodigies when they are in a zenith of the glory, that is in the childhood. We admire ingenious children, we designate them the excellent future, and then we forget about them for years. And only in about 20 years we remember that there were once such children as Nika Turbina, Pavlik Potekhin, Ira Efimtseva. We begin to inquire and with horror we learn that the most successful of child prodigies just got to oblivion and tried to adapt to life, but not managed to adapt committed suicide or appeared in a madhouse.

Task from God or a damnation?

Both parents, and teachers, and the child prodigy perceive unusual abilities as the certain gift intended for the decision defined (but vague so far) tasks. As the specific objective is not set, it is not necessary to carry out it yet, and it is necessary to study, develop and prepare for future fulfillments well. Years go, the child prodigy matures, and the task is not set for him. Growing, the child prodigy turns from the wonderful child into the ordinary person who got used to the special relation. Nobody already wants to potter with the adult, and to him as to the unlucky actor, it is necessary simply "to leave a scene" and to go or to normal life, or to a non-existence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team