Whether it is necessary to abuse children for bad notes

Whether it is necessary to abuse children for bad notes

Probably, in life practically of each pupil it happened to receive unsatisfactory estimates. Some school students honestly admit about existence of a bad mark to parents, others want to conceal in any ways this regrettable fact. How to behave to parents in such situation and whether it is necessary to punish or abuse the child for bad notes?

In most cases, parents, having learned about a bad mark, begin all ways to express the negative attitude to a situation. The discontent can be put into words, gestures, ongoing by notations, and someone even grabs a belt. Seeing similar parental reaction, children often become reserved, ceases to trust parents, begin to deceive to avoid repetition of an unpleasant situation. Maturing, children move away from parents even more, ignore their requirements and statements.

What to do in such situation to parents? In spite of the fact that the situation with the two is a little pleasant, try to behave, do not call and it is bad not to abuse the child, not to speak about his mental capacities and so on. School students perceive similar criticism not as assessment of their knowledge and as a sneer at their personality.

To belong with humour or to ignore the fact of receiving unsatisfactory assessment too it is not necessary, such reaction of parents can provoke the child to throw study at all. In case of need it is possible to help the child with doing homework, to explain not understood material, and here it is not necessary to do homework for the school student, such ill turn will not bring further benefit.

If the child did not learn lessons without good reason, for example, forgot or walked on the street, played with friends and so forth, it is not necessary to cover him before the teacher. The child has to be responsible for all the acts.

How to react to a bad note? First of all, get it together, sit down near the child and try to explain what was the reason for receiving an unsatisfactory mark. Surely tell that you are upset too that whenever possible try to help. The bad note is not always result of lack of the necessary knowledge, the feeling sick, the conflict in a class or with the teacher, badly understood material, etc. can sometimes affect.

Because recently on the house are set the large volume of lessons, and the teacher gives necessary at least, quite perhaps, the child just did not understand material. Try to understand this subject together with the school student, if necessary call the teacher if there is a financial opportunity, it is possible to visit the tutor.

If the bad progress is connected with impossibility to address audience, be trained together with the child to tell the report and the paper aloud, in the presence of other family members. When the school student masters unclear material, ask it to approach to the teacher to correct a bad note. And, the most important, be to the child a friend in any situation that he knew that in family it will be understood and supported.

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