Whether it is necessary to apologize for the fact that you such what is

Whether it is necessary to apologize for the fact that you such what is

Nobody is ideal, at least, for crowd therefore to ask forgiveness for the identity – senselessly. The created personality very badly gives in to the rearrangement attempts made from the outside therefore it is better to remain itself, at the same time without harming people around, than to apologize constantly for the originality and to try to adapt to an environment.

To apologize for offenses – normal practice in civilized society. But the identity of the person and his difference from people around are not offense for which it is worth apologizing. In that case everyone would have to apologize for the color of eyes, a timbre of a voice and other aspects distinguishing it from other people.

Do not hesitate to be yourself

If you were not accepted in one collective, not the fact that in another not to become you soul of the company. Before apologizing to the world for the fact that you do not fit in in someone far-fetched standards it is worth looking for himself in other place.

History remembers dozens of cases when future geniuses were not understood and considered derelicts. But the same Dali did not hurry to fall on knees before ignoramuses, far from art, and to apologize for "botched work". It is rather on the contrary, he looked for the public, than and you should be engaged. The benefit to find adherents not so difficult, communication in network and even a trip to other country today – a commonplace. The more you will cave in under someone's standards, the less will perceive you seriously. And if your purpose is not in mixing up with dust and to be dissolved in the history, then get used to apologize only when it is really appropriate. And at peaceful co-existence in the society of appropriate the entreaty about forgiveness happens extremely seldom.

Do not look for in people of and be not dissolved in crowd

If already the question of fault for own uniqueness rose at you on the agenda, so you were reproached already not once with discrepancy with expectations of the majority. Whether so the opinion of this majority is important for you? Wonder whether you will suffer from the fact that delete malicious critics from the life. If is not present, then you should not think of their words at all. It happens and so that those who unsuccessfully try to adjust to themselves the environment think of own inferiority. Really, when the circle of contacts does not give in to "training", there are moments that it is necessary to be engaged in search of problems in himself with the subsequent entrance to a depression. Medicine for it, besides, change of a circle of contacts. As you are not obliged to be identical to society, and an environment will not adapt to you, it is worth reconciling to it. And if it is necessary to apologize for jokes, specific tastes in clothes and music, and an excentric make-up, then to think of change of an environment is particularly acute.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team