Whether it is necessary to awake the baby for feeding

Whether it is necessary to awake the baby for feeding

Usually newborns wake up for feeding independently, but in case the kid sleeps longer than three-four hours, he is recommended to be awoken for planned feeding.

Newborns sleep so much how many it is necessary. Under normal conditions it is not necessary to awake the kid, however sometimes it happens so that the child sleeps more than three hours that is a prerequisite to interfere about an infantile dream.

Why the child sleeps longer than put?

The reasons of a long children's dream can be different. The main among them the following:

- During childbirth in an organism of mother the anesthetizing drugs were injected. Their structure influences the child, getting to his organism. Result – it is difficult to kid to wake up at first in the time put for feeding.

- After the birth of the child separated from mother. The children's organism misses mom therefore it naturally in that case prolongs a dream to save energy resources.

How to wake the kid

It is better to wake the child in the following way. Take its handle and lift it up. If the kid does not react, the hand did not strain and in general reaction is not observed, the kid sleeps in a deep phase. It means that to awake him early.

If at a hand raising the child strained, eyelids began to tremble and the easy posasyvaniye appeared, it it is possible quickly and without problems to wake – time for feeding came. However completely you should not trust it – some children during all dream imitate a posasyvaniye – it is also considered normal.

How often it is possible to check whether the child deeply sleeps? Time 20 minutes suffices.

Feeding at night

At night the kid normal asks a breast 2-3 times. In the course of a dream he does not wake up completely therefore it is not necessary to stack or rock to sleep him repeatedly. There are also exceptions, but they can arise because of a patrimonial trauma, associated diseases, pathologies, at administration of drugs and medicines.

What children need to be fed at night

At night the child needs to be awoken for feeding if he:

- He was born before term. Because of it there are disorders of nervous system. Over time everything passes, but initially the kid can not wake up in time.

- Sleeps separately from mother. The absence of mother can cause accustoming to refusal of feeding at night.

- Takes the drugs. If the kid is sick with something, to him prescribe medicines. Their structure can influence nervous system and the child's dream.

How to awake the child for feeding

How to pick up time for awakening

The best time which is suitable for awakening and feeding - the moment when the child sleeps, but at the same time often moves, turns over, bends and unbends legs and handles.

If the kid did not wake up, reveal him, take on hands. He will feel contact with mom – it will help to waken and be located for feeding.

Change of a diaper – a good way for awakening. Unusual actions can frighten the kid, and here he already got used to removal and putting on of diapers, so will wake up without problems, without being nervous also crying.

At capture of the kid on hands it needs to be overturned in vertical position – it will help to waken. It is also possible to mass handles and legs, thereby stimulating an active phase and appetite.

One more way is to wipe a face with the sponge moistened in cool, but not cold water. However not all children react to such manipulation positively.

What should not be done

First of all it is necessary to understand that bright light which can be included sharply will only do much harm to the kid. He will be frightened because newborns have very sensitive eyes.

Do not shake the kid if during feeding he falls asleep again. Do not swing it. It is better to stroke fingers on a cheek.

How often it is necessary to feed the child? A lot of things depend on age. If it is about the kid about half a year, then the interval between feedings has to make 3 hours. The maximum time – 4 hours.

Why to observe feeding frequency? The correct mode of intake of milk allows to understand quicker the mechanism of work of biological clock, to normalize a dream, to provide intake of useful substances in the child's organism in full. The kid who eats in time quieter, his immunity is stronger, he recovers quicker, is less subject to development of various diseases and pathologies.

When to the child half a year is executed, it is possible to carry out feeding time at 4 o'clock, at the same time children who ate steadily earlier, do not need awakening any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team