Whether it is necessary to buy a bra for pregnant women?

Whether it is necessary to buy a bra for pregnant women?

In the first trimester of pregnancy at most of women changes in the breast size begin: mammary glands grow, become more magnificent and heavy therefore often it is necessary to buy a new bra. There are special bras for pregnant women who it is the most comfortable to carry in such situation.

Why the bra for pregnant women is necessary

If the woman before pregnancy had a big breast, then after conception it will begin to increase even more in sizes therefore the special bra is necessary. In mammary glands there are no muscles which could hold heavy fabrics and interfere with stretching, and nearby pectoralis muscles at most of women are developed quite poorly. Bras for pregnant women not only prevent emergence of extensions and obvisany shapes of a breast, but also save from unpleasant and painful feelings. They differ from usual linen in the maximum comfort: have no stones therefore do not press anywhere and do not rub, wide shoulder-straps allow to support well a breast and not to cause shoulder pain, cotton fabric does not provoke irritation of nipples, sensitive during pregnancy.

If the woman has a small breast and during pregnancy increased slightly or at all did not undergo any changes, then to wear a special bra there is no need, it is possible to manage usual provided that it is comfortable, well supports a breast and does not cause irritation.

How to choose a bra for pregnant women

Correctly to choose a bra, it is necessary to know the size. Measure a grasp under a breast, and then in its fullest part. The size of a cup is defined by a difference of these two parameters: if the difference makes 13-15 cm, then it is size B if 15-17 – With, 18-20 – D. The grasp under a bust should be remembered too, it also influences the size: for example, there are bras with cups of size B and the different sizes in a grasp.

On labels the sizes specify thus: 75A, 80B, 85B.

Choosing bra model, make sure that it is possible to regulate the size of straps and also check quantity of fasteners behind – them has to be a little (ideally four) that in process of growth of a breast the linen remained comfortable. If the size is picked up correctly, then even at the hardest fastener there should not be uncomfortable feelings.

There are various models of bras for pregnant women: tops, T-shirts, sports models.

The bra for pregnant women has to be made of cotton and elastic materials which pass air and allow skin of a breast "to breathe". It has to fit tightly a breast, but not constrain it at all, otherwise consolidations can be formed. Do not buy linen on stones, it presses on a breast and causes discomfort. According to responses of pregnant women, the ideal bra has wide shoulder straps, a wide elastic band tape under cups, antifungal additive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team