Whether it is necessary to give vitamin to D child

Whether it is necessary to give vitamin to D child

Parents of the appeared kid dream of that he grew healthy and correctly developed. For this purpose it is necessary to use due amount of vitamins and minerals, however their overdose is not less dangerous, than shortage. Especially it concerns such medicine as vitamin D for children.

This vitamin is synthesized by an organism under the influence of sunshine independently. One of its main functions is a digestion of calcium. Without enough vitamin D bones become weak, and at early age the probability of development of rickets is high.

Also this vitamin is responsible for a condition of the immune system, it increases blood clotting, is responsible for smoothness of skin. Therefore some their first signs of a lack of vitamin D is a peeling of integuments, excessive perspiration of feet and an occipital part of the head, loss in this place of hair.

In spite of the fact that the newborn receives a certain dose of vitamin C mother's milk, it is not enough completely to cover requirements of an organism. After the child passes for a table d'hote, its food is not always so various too. The children's organism aged up to three years is not able to accumulate vitamin D in enough yet. Therefore during this period often recommend to accept vitamin B quality of prevention. For the first time vitamin D was found in cod-liver oil in the first half of the last century. Then he was let out in the liquid state and its taste was rather peculiar. Therefore at many modern grandmothers and grandfathers one of the most unpleasant memoirs is connected with intake of this medicine which because of low concentration of vitamin was drunk the whole spoons. But already even the sharp slowdown of incidence of rickets which did of children of disabled people was noted during this period. Today vitamin to D children is produced in the liquid state and it is very simple to accept it. For children of more advanced age it is a part of vitamin complexes. Usually it is appointed during decrease in solar activity from October to May. In areas where summer cloudy and short, this interval can be extended. The recommended dose is appointed by the pediatrician taking into account the made tests. Not always the child has a lack of vitamin D, it can sometimes be too much that also dangerously. Therefore to make the decision on whether to give to the child vitamin D independently, is not necessary.

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