Whether it is necessary to give water to newborns when breastfeeding

Whether it is necessary to give water to newborns when breastfeeding

All of us know that water - the necessary element of a human body and each person has to drink its sufficient quantity daily. But whether it is necessary to give water to the newborn child if he is on breastfeeding. Let's try it to find out.

Advantages of breastfeeding to the newborn

Maternal milk – the only unique food product of babies providing full development on the first six months of life. It contains not only all necessary nutrients, in ideally balanced relation, but also a complex of protective factors and biological substances.

Thanks to the exclusive structure, milk is capable to protect the baby from various infectious diseases and promotes formation of his immunity.

Respectively, the best type of feeding of the child age up to six months is only breast milk.

Whether it is necessary to give to drink the newborn's water when breastfeeding

Breast milk contains up to 90% of water in structure that completely satisfies requirements of liquid at the baby.

When the newborn is on breastfeeding, its water balance is in balanced situation. And at a dopaivaniye the excessive load of the secretory system of the child who only begins to develop is created. Dopaivaniye water can break his balance in an organism conceived by the nature between receiving liquid from breast milk and removal from an organism. What can result in stagnation of water in an organism.

Many experts and pediatricians in the first month of life of the child strictly forbid to give water. The fact is that kidneys of the newborn are still insufficiently created and are not capable to process additional amount of liquid. Also availability of excess liquid in a stomach of the kid, creates at it feeling of satiety, and he begins to demand a breast less. What, in certain cases, leads to an insufficient set of weight at the baby and to early completion of breastfeeding.

Many researches showed there is no need in a dopaivaniye of children during a heat. Even in very hot days the kids receiving breast milk on demand are protected from dehydration. As milk of mother satisfies all needs for liquid.

Water of maternal milk compensates for the liquid deficiency of the newborn's organism much quicker because it is better acquired. And other liquids will not be able to satisfy physiological needs of the kid completely.

When it is possible to give water to the baby

In some cases it is possible to give water to the baby not earlier than four months, and at the same time the daily volume of drunk should not exceed 50 ml.

On a constant basis it is recommended to enter water into a diet of the kid from the moment of the first feeding up. But it is desirable not earlier than six months.

Follows from all above-mentioned that the child up to six months has to receive only mother's milk. Also there is no physiological requirement of introduction to its diet of additional liquid until the baby begins to receive other food, except milk.

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