Whether it is necessary to hurry to become the adult

Whether it is necessary to hurry to become the adult

To begin adults - to gain recognition, to communicate as equals with the idols. So teenagers believe. The lack of competence and life experience can play a dirty trick with the newly appeared ""adult child"". Adults chronologically do not do anything to look more mature, and teenagers make many efforts, trying to look more senior to acquire the right to vote and respect of people around. Is it necessary to mature at early age?

Problem of modern children – in their aspiration to become as soon as possible adults. However adults quite often with bitterness think that back time cannot be turned. And why they so hurried it – here the main issue.

Adults... children?

The youth is idealized: advertizing is guided by it, even those who are more senior try to copy them, calling gravity boredom.

The modern person does not hurry to mature. It is proved by compositions of teenagers. Partly all people remain children, but between responsibility and a game the balance is necessary. The main issue – readiness for growing.

The fear not to cope with tasks, not to be able to protect itself and desire to hide under a blanket from problems comes to all, regardless of the number of the lived years. Quite often even mature people do not consider adults of.

There is no accurate determination of maturity.

  • These are the judicious, but rather boring people forced to be engaged in routine affairs.
  • However to be an adult is an ability to be loyal to the childhood, but not to seek to remain forever in the childhood.

Even having become more senior, children continue to get financial support from parents. Because of longer term of training the youth begins to work later. Borders between adults and teenagers become more indistinct.

Adult: honourable status or pipe dream?

Earlier the aspiration to become the adult was explained by the fact that it was only in such a way possible to declare itself. A century ago the status of the child did not exist. Since eight years children already conducted independent life, becoming journeymen and helping parents.

Modern life the status of the adult either depreciates, or does unattainable. The reality is far from wishes therefore the young man does not seek to enter adulthood. A burden of responsibility, parting with dreams – not too attractive program.

Approach of maturity at everyone the. Usually this transition is felt also after the important event, after the fact. And at everyone the personal history.

The kid believes that the world has to grant his desires. Therefore parents are sure that they have to give to children all the time, attention and means it is enough to prepare for independent life.

But it is always and everywhere impossible to remain adults. And it to the best. Personal development consists in ability to combine responsibility with carelessness, a game with gravity, and openness with a necessary distance.

Only the affairs the child can accelerate growing approach. Excellent progress in any class, independent studying sciences of the house for advancing of the school program or own inventions demand both time, and presence at children of certain abilities. But constant thoughts of acceleration of the course of time and a talk only on this subject – a big mistake.

It is necessary to live in every moment, but not to spend time for a pursuit of the future. It is fine every moment. Each age has advantages and to hurry to leave one, changing it for another, – a position incorrect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team