Whether it is necessary to learn lessons together with the child

Whether it is necessary to learn lessons together with the child

To help or not to the child with performance of lessons - the question concerning most of parents. On the one hand, the help of the adult will help to increase progress, with another - will deprive of the child of independence and ability to think. How to arrive in a similar situation?!

Great number of mothers mistakenly believe that to help the child to do homework, means to perform homeworks most and to release the child in school with peace of mind. However, even at surplus of free time, it is not necessary to do to you similar, tomorrow the situation will repeat and, perhaps, the child just will not want to learn lessons independently.

Most of strongly busy or very emotional mothers cannot take out that the child long learns lessons or cannot independently deal with performance of a task and sit down nearby, doing work for the kid. It is wrong too. The main thing to stock up with patience and to try to explain to the school student unclear material.

To reduce time spent on performance of lessons and a stress from this process it is necessary to observe the following recommendations strictly.

Accurate schedule of performance of lessons

For this purpose it is necessary to discuss with the child that time in which he will begin doing homework and in what to finish. It is undesirable to depart from the schedule, the accurate plan imparts discipline.

Breaks during performance of lessons

In preparation time of lessons (especially if there is a lot of them), it is necessary to give to the child the chance to take rest. At this time the school student can warm up, have a bite or breathe a little fresh air.

Point to mistakes

At verification of the draft copy with homework, it is necessary to point the child to mistakes, but not to correct them at all. A way the pupil will make it.

Punishment for bad notes

It is necessary to abuse or punish the child for bad notes, not always they depend on bad preparation. Take place to be a fright before a class or the teacher, feeling sick, the distracting factors, etc. On the contrary, once the child gives slightly more time and to praise for diligence, having in passing explained that there is always an opportunity to correct an unsatisfactory mark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team