Whether it is necessary to praise the child?

Whether it is necessary to praise the child?

Probably, many parents will agree that a praise – one of the most effective measures of education of the child. Besides, the praise is necessary for each kid as air, only this way he can feel significant, happy with himself. The more often you praise the child, the better it will be reflected in his self-assessment. Certainly, it concerns an adequate praise.

Any effort made by the child demands approval, positive assessment. It is important to note diligence, the aspiration to achieve positive results.

It should be noted that indecisive, a little diffident children are especially susceptible to a praise. If you praise such child even for the slightest achievements, it will give him self-confidence, will bring feeling of success. The education connected with positive emotions of the child, more productively.

Results of work, some real achievements are especially important for some children. They very much try to make everything faultlessly and very much are upset if something is impossible. Such children should be encouraged, supported and praised for result of work.

If the child is self-assured, and at him a lot of things turn out with little effort, the excessive praise can lead to the fact that the child will be too self-confident. In this case it is necessary to praise only for the result of work achieved by great and long efforts.

Some parents cautiously treat a praise. They are afraid to spoil the child. But the excessive severity and lack of a praise leads to sad consequences. Of course, in education not to do without punishment, but punishments will be more effective against the background of a praise and encouragement.

Many parents as encouragement use some material rewards. It leads to the fact that children quickly get used to it, and will look for benefit for themselves everywhere. Material encouragement will be for it more important, than feeling of internal satisfaction and the joy of overcoming difficulties. It is impossible to bribe the child gifts.

Undoubtedly, the praise is an integral part of education of the child. But it is necessary to remember – it is necessary to praise intelligently, considering character and specific features, and personal qualities of the child. The praise always has to be deserved, real, but not in the way manipulate the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team