Whether it is necessary to punish the five-year-old child for deception

Whether it is necessary to punish the five-year-old child for deception

At the age of five years the kids and babies are capable to tell the most tall tales. Adults should put a lot of effort to differentiate imagination and a purposeful lie and also to choose a behavior vector.

Imagination – an indicator of emotional and intellectual growth

At the age of five years the ability to dream indicates that the child can have the territory, certain of adults, protect itself from roughnesses of the world around. For parents at this moment it is important to teach the kid to distinguish real life from the world of imaginations.

Five-year-old children often tell the most improbable tales about terrorists on a roof of kindergarten, dad detective or about treasures in the basement of the house. Thus children draw attention to themselves, try to cause admiration of the peers. If you came up against such situation, you should not draw a conclusion that your kid – the little liar.

React to nonsense of the little visionary quietly, let it know that you it is aware of his tales. Do not ask the question "Why You Lie?", children at this age are not capable to realize the motives. Sincerely understand desire of the child to embellish reality, but bring his home that such inventions are good only for a game. Motivate with the fact that children, having learned about his inventions, will become angry and nevermore it will be believed. Agree to accept stories by the kid only as an invention, but not as the truth at all.

I did not take it!

Parents quite often should find foreign things of friends at children, it is even worse if these things appear after visit of shop. At the age of 4–6 years at the child "the conscience voice" only begins to be formed, the child understands clearly that arrived badly, but only the arising conscience easily is muffled by temptation to possess a thing. Ignoring of similar situations – the time bomb planted under the shaky moral base. Explain once again what it is bad to take without demand or payments. Joint payment of a thing or its return to the seller with specification that it was taken illegally will be the best decision. In advance warn the seller about the intention that it did not break educational process by remarks or sharp statements.

And whether there was an offense?

The kid, returning from kindergarten, constantly tells how he is offended by children. But sometimes at examination it turns out that such conflicts did not even arise in collective. In this situation pay attention to how you react if you side with the child (as occurs in most cases): you are sorry, you acquit him and you turn other children into an evil source. If the child tells more and more terrifying stories of crimes of other kids, means to him just there is not enough caress and attention. He can receive them, having only become affected party. Important and what questions you ask him on the way from kindergarten if in the list the phrase appears: "And you are not offended?", at the child at the subconscious level the thought is formed that he has to be offended, and he begins to remember all most insignificant conflicts and quarrels, inflating them to the amount of accident. The child should not live a thought that he can be offended. Try to praise the child even for small fulfillments: the carrot which is stuck together from plasticine, the told rhyme or a line of sticks in a notebook. Three rules of fight against lies: - Let know to the kid that the lie told them is the biggest evil; even big, than offense. - Do not swear if the child himself admitted deeds. - You praise for the told truth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team