Whether it is necessary to run roughshod over other's feelings for the sake of achievement of the goals

Whether it is necessary to run roughshod over other's feelings for the sake of achievement of the goals

Career development - a main goal in life of some people. And for achievement of this purpose they are ready for a lot of things, even safely and surely to run roughshod over other's feelings of other people.

You are young, ambitious, resolute. Before you the whole world is open. And so there is a wish to take the worthy place in this world. You are inspired by dreams, you are faced by definite purposes. And often these purposes have quite pragmatic character: increase in the salary, increase in positions, authority among colleagues and their recognition. It would seem, the management surely will notice you. But what to do if time goes, and it did not happen? And here before everyone there is a moral choice: to hope for the best and to continue to work or neglect hard opinion of people around and to go towards the aim regardless of obstacles.

What it is dangerous by

First of all, neglecting opinion of people around, you endanger their attitude, good to yourself. Having achieved the desirable objective, having literally passed on the heads, you risk to remain in the social desert. Can smile to you in the face, but from now on you will become a stranger on corporate actions. You will learn all news of collective in the last turn.

Spending at work 9-10 hours a day, you can be thrown by couple of friendly words never.

The picture turns out not really pleasant. But it can be worried. After all, there will always be a loved one ready to listen to you. However on the way you can acquire many enemies. Often these enemies not just cause inconveniences, and create real problems and even dangers. As the pragmatist, you have to remember so valuable help of colleagues. Sooner or later you need council or just opinion of those people whom you "bypassed", achieving the objective. It is impossible to forget also about moral aspect of a question. Treachery, permissiveness, lie, intrigues, plots. Whether your conscience is ready to such test? Having quite often achieved so desirable objective, it is ashamed for person to look in eyes to the family, even to himself.

If you already happy father or happy mother of the growing-up kid, – what example you set?

Whether it is worth running roughshod over other's feelings for the sake of the purpose?

Everyone resolves an issue of methods in achievement of the goal for itself(himself). Throw a situation a mind's eye. Whether the goal is so desired? Whether it is possible to achieve it, without resorting to doubtful methods? Of course, someone it will be necessary not to please all and it is always dissatisfied. The main thing that among dissatisfied there were no you. Consult to the family. Get support from several colleagues. It is twice more useful if these people hold final authority, respect. And forward – to great achievements!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team