Whether it is necessary to swaddle the newborn?

Whether it is necessary to swaddle the newborn?

From the swaddling practicing our grandmothers, most of parents refused still when scientists found out that it has no relation to future curvature or symmetry of legs. Approximately at the same time thought up how to swaddle the newborn, without squeezing him, and then there was a split between supporters of free swaddling and adherents of free keeping of the child (absolutely without diapers). However both pediatricians, and psychologists agree in opinion that swaddling for the period of a dream is necessary, especially in the first half a year of life of the kid.

Swaddling of the newborn: whether it is necessary and how it is correct to swaddle?

Swaddling well affects sleep quality: children less often spontaneously wake up and better sleep. Besides, the psychological calming effect of swaddling on children up to eight months is important. If the child cries because of external factors (a visit to the doctor, loud sounds, the irritating external influence), he calms down quicker if to swaddle it. The soft and warm space in its own "cocoon" affects the kid rasslablyayushche and creates at it feeling of security just as it was reliably hidden in mother's womb.

Of course, to use swaddling of the newborn as the way to limit mobility of the child is not necessary. During wakefulness it is possible and it is necessary to encourage its attempts to reach something, to creep or turn over. It is good to put every day the kid to himself on a stomach, providing contact of his skin with yours, it promotes emergence at the child of self-confidence and fills up a collection of his tactile feelings.

Also the economic benefit of swaddling is important: twenty diapers on which it is not obligatory for designer to work will serve clothes for the child for six or more months while baby's undershirts, romper suit, T-shirts and panties for the same term it is necessary to replace great variety, considering rapid growth of the child.

Process of free swaddling

If you have no table for swaddling, it does not matter. It is possible to swaddle on any plain surface.

  • Diaper arrange on a table or a bed a rhombus that above there was a corner. Fold this corner down and arrange the kid so that the curved edge was in the middle of a neck.
  • Stroke the right handle of the child, put it along a body. Take the opposite, left corner of a diaper and wrap up the child, having filled a corner under a back.
  • Smooth a diaper, after that arrange along a body the right handle of the child. Now it is necessary to take a diaper for a bottom corner and to fill it under the left shoulder of the kid.
  • The last stage – the right end of a diaper to wrap up the child to the left side and to fix a tip.

At such swaddling your child does not disturb himself and at the same time feels rather comfortably as he can accept a pose, convenient for himself, having bent legs and handles. At the same time the diaper gives it tactile feelings that it is useful for development of fine motor skills.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team