Whether it is necessary to teach the child to hit back?

Whether it is necessary to teach the child to hit back?

This difficult question faces each parent. According to psychological practice, the child who is not able to hit back at all can grow up weak, incapable to stand for itself. How to do right thing?

If the child does not respond to blows, attacks, then becomes a potential object for further aggressive actions and sneers from peers.  Other party of this coin – the child who is able to hit back, to fight, can grow aggressive in relation to other people, to become angered and to offend other children.

For a start it is necessary to understand why attack the child. If it occurs on his own fault, perhaps, he made some meanness or an unpleasant act which other children do not want to accept, then it is necessary to try to correct a conflict situation. At first it is necessary to talk to offenders, to admit the guilt, to apologize. Further to try not to become the main object in such situations.

But happens and so when attack absolutely without the reason. In this case, of course, it is necessary to fight back. Today it is impossible just to sit and wait when you are pecked completely. Anyway the child at emergence of the conflict has to talk to the class teacher, to the relatives, but not sit, having buried in a pillow and to roar.

Parents should not leave the child in private with the developed problem. There are such mothers and fathers who speak to the child: "go and itself sort out" or "leave, do not complain to me". From the point of view of psychologists, it is absolutely not the correct tactics. Children have to feel constant protection and support in the dear people. Parents can advise one: let the child do sports, goes to various sections on martial arts, let know how to protect himself from aggressive people. Also he has to understand that to fight without cause – it is bad, it is necessary to be able to agree with the opponent words. Any child has to grow up well-mannered and happy. And to wave fists is a business of idlers and hooligans.

The duty of parents is to explain that it is good and that it is bad, it is impossible to allow the child anyway that he became reserved. At this age at them yet not created mentality owing to what many cases of a suicide happen because of misunderstanding and quarrels with other children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team