Whether it is possible chicory for pregnant women

Whether it is possible chicory for pregnant women

Pregnancy – a special condition of the woman which demands correction of food. Many products get under the ban. One of the forbidden products during pregnancy is coffee. To understand whether it is possible to replace coffee with drink from chicory, it is necessary to learn about useful properties and contraindications of chicory.

Description of a plant

Chicory is the long-term grass up to 1.5 meters high with a rigid stalk and wonderful blue colors growing in a temperate climate and in tropics. It meets in different parts of the world from America to Australia. Grows in the wild nature on roadsides of roads, on meadows, near settlements. It is possible to see it and on fields where it is specially grown up for use in the medical purposes and by productions of substitute of coffee.

Useful properties and contraindications

The first mentions of this plant were in ancient medical books. Even Avicenna mentioned him in the works. In the medical purposes both the grass, and roots are used. For production of the drink replacing coffee the root is used. At chicory the rich structure and is a lot of useful properties. It has bile-expelling, diuretic effect. Also it renders the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, febrifugal, vasodilating and calming action. He is capable to reduce cholesterol level in blood and to remove toxins.

Contraindications are available for this plant too. It is contraindicated at a varicosity, gastritis, hemorrhoids, bronchial asthma, cardiovascular diseases. Emergence of allergic reactions is possible during its application.

Advantage of chicory during pregnancy

Chicory during pregnancy can be applied. In its structure more than 20 vitamins, macro and mikroelemet which are so necessary for the woman in special situation. Thanks to the structure, chicory is capable to improve considerably a condition of the pregnant woman throughout all term of incubation of the child.

It will help to lower organism intoxication from toxicosis which torments the woman in the first trimester. This plant will reduce hypostases, will improve appetite and will adjust a regular chair, will increase development of erythrocytes and will prevent developing of anemia which often happens on late terms. Also will lower indicators of cholesterol and sugar in blood which often raise during pregnancy. Knowing about advantage of chicory at pregnancy, they can replace natural coffee quietly. Naturally only in case there are no contraindications to its application.

As it is correct to take drink from chicory during pregnancy

In spite of the fact that drink from chicory is allowed for use and is useful at pregnancy, it is worth following rules of its reception and a dosage. It is better not to drink the drink made from one teaspoon of soluble chicory and a cup of boiled water for the night. In day it is recommended to drink no more than two-three cups and not in a row.

It is necessary to watch the health and a state during the first reception if earlier such drink was not accepted. It is better to use drink from chicory without various additives. It is possible to add sugar, milk, cream, honey to a cup to taste. It is better to specify existence of contraindications and the maximum allowed quantity at the attending physician and at the gynecologist who observes the pregnant woman.

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