Whether it is possible for pregnant women is crayfish

Whether it is possible for pregnant women is crayfish

Is crayfish at pregnancy it is possible in the absence of allergic reactions to seafood and individual intolerance of an organism on their meat. In general crayfish are considered as a useful product for pregnant women as they are rich with a set of the useful substances, vitamins and minerals necessary for full development of a fruit and maintenance of a maternal organism in a healthy state.

Crayfish at pregnancy are how useful?

Cancers are arthropods inhabitants of a bottom of the rivers, seas, ponds and lakes. Thanks to richness of the chemical composition they are unique food product. Both the female body, and the fruit developing in it can call their meat a perennial spring of vitamins of the B, PP, C, D, E, K group and also phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, iron, selenium, chrome and a set of other substances useful at pregnancy. There is practically no harmful cholesterol in crayfish, and organic acids and iodine contain in them in enough.

Cancer meat as food product is appreciated by the increased content of digestible protein and insignificant amount of fats. Only 15.5 g of proteins, 1 g of fats and 1.2 g of carbohydrates are the share of 100 g of its weight. Caloric content of crayfish is 76 kcal. Thus, if is crayfish during pregnancy, they will not become the reason of a pathological increase in weight.

The main share of cancer meat is the share of a neck, or a tail chlenisty. In it it borrows about 1/5 from the total weight.

Gentle white-pink meat of cancer differs in excellent taste and the useful properties. So, at the expense of the balanced content of vitamins and minerals it raises an organism tone, improves a metabolism and strengthens the immune system that it is so important during pregnancy. And if future mother has diseases of a liver, thyroid and a pancreas, kidneys, heart or vessels, crayfish will become for it special dietary delicacy. At the regular use of crayfish in reasonable quantities they will become the natural medicine stabilizing digestive processes in a stomach.

In what cases the crayfish are a harmful product for pregnant women?

Despite all usefulness and tastes of crayfish, it is impossible to be fond of their excessive use during pregnancy as cancer meat is a product allergen. It is not necessary to eat crayfish and in case of individual intolerance with their organism.

Rules of the choice and preparation of crayfish

When choosing live crayfish it is necessary to pay attention to their mobility as it is an indicator of freshness of a product. If crayfish are bought already welded, their quality and freshness is determined by tails. For example, if the tail was densely pressed to a body, so cancer on the eve of cooking is alive and fresh. But if the tail is extended directly it means that cancer was welded by the dead.

Cancers are trained not only in water. The real judges of their taste replace it with the added some salt milk, white wine with spices, kvass, beer and a cucumber brine.

If there is no opportunity to prepare crayfish at once, they should be placed in glasswares and to impose with ice cubes. In such conditions they will keep the nutritious qualities within 48 hours. It is not recommended to keep crayfish in aluminum ware as in it all useful elements will collapse because of the sulfur which is contained in a river product in a large number. Cook crayfish not for long – from 25 to 50 minutes, depending on their size. Put them in the added some salt water with fennel branches only when it begins to boil. Readiness of crayfish is determined by orange-red color of their armor. Eat them both hot, and cold.

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