Whether it is possible for the 8th monthly child borsch

Whether it is possible for the 8th monthly child borsch

Borsch - favourite soup in many families. It is no wonder that some mothers and grandmothers try "to attach" to this dish of the kids early enough, months from eight. And whether it is possible?

What is recommended to eat to children in 8 months

According to the recommendations of pediatricians, in eight months the kids should begin to master meat. At first - in the form of the puree bought in shop or the prepared house mom. From grades preference is given to a rabbit and a turkey.

By this time children usually already eat vegetable and fruit purees and also special children's porridges. Children's doctors and nutritionists also recommend to give a yolk at 8-month age. From drinks - so far only water and juice intended for kids.

The turn of the first soups approaches approximately from tenth month of life of the kid. And first it is low-fat vegetable cream soups which are cooked from products already familiar to the child. It is not recommended to use beet while there is no confidence in absence of an allergy to this vegetable.

Meat broths first should be excluded completely. They irritate digestive tract of the baby and also can negatively affect a pancreas and kidneys.

It is clear, that borsch which is eaten by mom and dad does not suit the small child in any way.

What has to be the first borsch

If the kid already without problems eats meat, potatoes and beet, it is possible to pass also to borsch. But it is necessary to cook special soup.

General recommendations:

  • do not include products on which at the child an allergy in the recipe;
  • you cook on bottled water, without salt;
  • boil meat for soup in advance, and then add to a ready dish. Do not use pork;
  • do not brown vegetables for borsch;
  • do not put paprika, tomatoes in borsch;
  • give without sour cream.

For the first borsch it is possible to use here such recipe. Prepare a little (100-150 g) fillet of a rabbit. From vegetables we take on one small carrot and potato, a beet half and also it is a little cauliflower. We prepare so:

  • To boil meat in the boiling water within an hour. Without salt! To cool.
  • To wash out vegetables. To peel beet, carrots and potatoes.
  • To cut potato on a part and to boil in two glasses of drinking water (10 minutes). Carefully we remove a skin which is formed on a surface.
  • To add grated carrots and beet and also a cauliflower. To cook on average fire of 20 minutes or a little more.
  • Meanwhile to cut in cubes ready meat and to add to ready a borshchik.
  • When soup becomes warm, to crush to a condition of puree by means of the blender.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team