Whether it is possible for the feeding mom is corn

Whether it is possible for the feeding mom is corn

About whether it is possible for the nursing mother is corn, at Internet forums the whole discussions sometimes erupt. However this solar cereal can become a remarkable and useful part of a diet too.

When it is possible and when it is impossible to eat corn

It is possible to call two such cases: if age of the child less than 1 month or if the nursing mother herself suffers the meteorizmy ambassador of the use of corn. At the least kids the digestive system is extremely not protected and therefore both the cereal, and its derivatives, can cause in children of belly-ache.

However since monthly age of the child, the feeding mom quite can gradually enter corn into the diet, carefully monitoring reactions of the kid to a new product. Whether the allergy on skin pours out? Whether the kid begins to be capricious and shout from belly-ache? Though corn is considered a hypoallergenic product, nevertheless with newborn children it is necessary to be on the alert.

What species of corn are most useful and safe?

The most natural and most useful options of the use of a cereal are boiled ears or the corn porridge called still a hominy. Porridge can also be cooked and for the child as a feeding up. The last cooks long enough, however the advantage of such dish will pay back with interest time and the electric power spent for it. On the Internet it is possible to find now the mass of recommendations to buy ready baby food as a part of which there is already a corn grain. Say, it saves time, and the mixes "are most adapted" for children's stomachs. However it is worth rejecting the councils written on the websites engaged by producers of baby food for the sake of health of the kid and to spend a few efforts to independent preparation of a squash from corn. The house hominy definitely does not contain preservatives and other kids of substances, undesirable to an organism. Popcorn also quite is allowed to the feeding mothers, however it is necessary to watch amount of the salt absorbed together with it. That unambiguously it is not recommended to use, so it tinned corn because of presence at a product of the preserving substances.

Couple of words about advantage of corn

Corn – very respectable and respected in different countries product which differs not only pleasant taste, but also rich content of useful substances. From this cereal as a result together with mother's milk the kid "will get" vitamins and minerals, and cellulose, necessary for good work of intestines, will help the feeding woman to maintain the health. However, that who is afraid to gain excess weight, you should not be fond of corn nevertheless.

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