Whether it is possible for the feeding mom there are dried fruits

Whether it is possible for the feeding mom there are dried fruits

During breastfeeding the women need to be especially attentive to own diet. It is necessary to exclude all those products which can negatively affect the formed digestive system of the kid from the menu, cause allergies. However mom's food for the correct development of the baby has to be various and qualitative. To strengthen immunity of the baby and mother, it is necessary to use dried fruits. These tasty sources of vitamins have the minimum quantity of contraindications.

Dried fruits are natural useful delicacies which not only will help the feeding mom and the kid to fill reserves of vitamins and minerals. Raisin, dried apricots and prunes also allow to forget about problems with intestines. When breastfeeding it is possible to include in a diet practically all types of dried fruits.

Than dried fruits at a lactation are useful

Most of the feeding mothers in the first months of life of the kid should forget about sweets. Dried fruits can make a useful alternative to cakes and candies. These natural delicacies are recommended by doctors for full development of the child, strengthening immunities of the baby and mom.

Dried fruits are sources of valuable vitamins. These products are especially important for the feeding women because they help to liquidate problems with intestines, a chair. These troubles are familiar to many mothers during pregnancy and after the delivery, dried fruits can be equated to natural drugs against locks. Dried fruits are rich with food fibers, raisin, prunes, raisin and dried apricots, dried dates also contain many pectins. These substances stimulate an intestines vermicular movement. In dried fruits the majority of useful substances remains if to compare them to fresh fruit. However, for example, grapes of the nursing mother cannot be used, but raisin in reasonable quantities – it is possible.

Possible restrictions at consumption of dried fruits

The feeding mom can use dried fruits both in a usual look, and in the form of compotes. Doctors, as a rule, advise to enter into a diet raisin, dried apricots and prunes in 2-3 weeks after the delivery. To begin to eat dried fruits it is necessary gradually, monitoring reaction of the baby. If at the child is after consumption of prunes or dried apricots gripes, an abdominal distension or rash are observed, for a while it is necessary to refuse these products. Dried fruits are capable to ferment in a stomach therefore is them better in a small amount. You should not use at the same time dried apricots, prunes and raisin with products which lead to an abdominal distension. It is kvass, sparkling water, etc. Dried fruits compotes are especially useful to mothers after Cesarean section. They are also capable to improve a lactation. For this purpose it is necessary to drink warm compote just before feeding. And that useful drink did not cause in the kid of colic, sugar needs to be added in a small amount or at all to refuse it. In the absence of individual intolerance, an allergy it is possible to add cinnamon, vanillin to compotes.

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