Whether it is possible hematogen for pregnant women

Whether it is possible hematogen for pregnant women

Hematogen – the medical product made of specially processed blood of cattle with addition of syrup and small amount of ethyl alcohol (it serves as preservative). Therefore, hematogen does not contain hazardous substances. However now there was a huge number of the types of these products including various flavoring additives and fragrances. Whether such hematogen is useful to pregnant women?


1. The main purpose of hematogen – natural stimulation of development of erythrocytes at the anemic and weakened people. Besides, this product has the all-strengthening effect, and thanks to the proteins which are its part it promotes growth of an organism and its recovering from serious illnesses and injuries.

2. The negative impact of hematogen at pregnancy and feeding by a breast can be connected with overdose or high risk of allergic reactions. Also there are clinical trials which proved that hematogen causes blood condensation. As a result of it the fruit can receive less the major substances for the growth and development.

3. At consumption of hematogen it is necessary to remember that it not just delicacy, and medicine. Therefore it is impossible to abuse it at all. At the same time, many sweets on the structure are much more dangerous to the pregnant woman and the feeding woman, but they unlike hematogen have no on packing of the corresponding restrictions. This results from the fact that different health requirements are imposed to medicines and foodstuff.

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