Whether it is possible to beat the child

Whether it is possible to beat the child

Each parent chooses that way of punishment of the child who considers correct. But nobody will begin to argue that most often the loud slap on a bottom becomes punishment of the child for pranks. We will also take this subject as a basis of our today's post.

Whether you thought at least once whether it is worth beating the child?

Usually parents oppose any violence over children, but, unfortunately, only in words. It is quite often possible to see how on the children's platform in the yard the next kid is hit a weighty slap on a bottom from angry mummy. Why does that happen? Why parents consider what is possible and it is necessary to beat children?

Actually, they so do not consider. Just there are moments when the child begins to stand on the hind legs, and words he cannot be calmed. There are also failures. In total in a few minutes parents realize that they did wrong that you should not have beaten the child a bottom. Even it becomes a shame to some. In thoughts the next promises any more never sound to beat the child. But, I will repeat, only in thoughts. The next childish prank anyway comes to an end with a traditional slap on a bottom or it is far worse – a belt.

Let's not say about whether it is possible to beat children with a belt. I consider this question rhetorical. To show the force weak and defenseless – not the best way of self-affirmation. Ask yourself one question – you are precisely sure that you will be able to control yourself and not to break on the baby? In most cases the answer will be negative.

It is valid, very difficult to master the emotions when in every way you try to explain to other person something, and he does not hear you and does not understand. But you should not use force. It is not an exit. And where exit?

Let's make so – you do not ask yourself questions of any more whether it is necessary to beat children. The answer negative and to the appeal is not subject. It is impossible! Never!

I suggest to present one picture. Your kid begins to behave outrageously. You try to explain to him what so it is bad to do, but he does not understand you, does in own way. When your nerves already on a limit, stop for couple of seconds, you do not hurry to beat the child. Close eyes, inhale, open eyes, exhale. Look at that little man who faces you. And now present that you – this small defenseless child. You are faced by the most expensive and the person loved for you, you have nobody closer and more natively. He looks at you with rage and irritation, he wants to hit you, to hurt you. You cannot protect yourself. Nobody can protect you because you have nobody who would be able to do it. What do you feel at this moment? Offense? Disappointment? Bitterness? What? (Think at a leisure of it.) And now return to reality. Attentively look in tear-stained eyes of the child. Do you still want to hit him?

Eventually even scientists confirmed that the kid who was beaten in the childhood a bottom grows up more cruel and angry, than the child who grew in a quiet and friendly situation. Think what you want to see the child in 20-30 years?

If you want to be for the kid a friend, do not beat him. You adult! Really you will not find a peace way to calm the little little rascal? Every time when it wants to hit the child on a bottom, arrive as we did slightly higher. Always put yourself to the place of the child! It will help you to avoid many conflicts. Plus – I guarantee that after reading of this article and implementation of the recommendations of 90% of parents made here at last will give themselves the answer to a question – whether it is possible to beat children and whether it is necessary to do it?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team