Whether it is possible to become pregnant after extra-uterine pregnancy

Whether it is possible to become pregnant after extra-uterine pregnancy

From extra-uterine pregnancy nobody is insured, however life on it does not come to an end. Doctors claim that repeated conception is possible. But it is necessary to be prepared for it well.

Reasons of extra-uterine pregnancy

The fact that the impregnated ovum, without having passed through a uterine tube, remained in it is the main reason for extra-uterine pregnancy. The fruit began to develop out of a uterus. In case of approach of extra-uterine pregnancy it is impossible to keep a fruit therefore the men and women who faced a similar problem endure the real stress. You should not forget that all consequences connected with such fertilization are very serious. And it is possible to solve this problem only operation. At best as result of such conception it is possible to receive the injured uterine tube, at worst - the uterine tube is removed. If not to perform operation in time, bleeding can internally open that will lead to a lethal outcome.

After removal of a uterine tube the woman planning the child's birth can hope only that she will manage to become pregnant only with one pipe.

Experts rather often claim that after extra-uterine pregnancy it is necessary to be prepared for the following fertilization very carefully. The woman after the undergone operation has to watch over the health. Of course, in this case chances to become pregnant decrease twice and more. Very often at the women who transferred extra-uterine pregnancy the same result can repeat or the next pregnancy comes to an end with an abortion. But after all conception after such case is possible, and it is quite real.

Pregnancy planning

After there was extra-uterine pregnancy, the subsequent conception needs to be planned carefully, it is necessary to ask for the help physicians. If you want to give birth to the healthy child, it is necessary to wait a little - not less than 6 months, in ideal option – 2 years. For this period the organism completely will recover from the endured stress, and you will be able to put the health in order. Experts recommend to be protected during preparation for the following pregnancy by contraceptive tablets because this way of contraception is considered one of the most reliable.

After refusal of tablets the ovaries work much more intensively. The chance to conceive in the first month is high.

After operation on interruption of extra-uterine pregnancy it is necessary to undergo full inspection, it is necessary for elimination of the reasons. Also during inspection the passability of uterine tubes is studied, it becomes by means of ultrasonography. Presence of tumors, cysts, fibromas as they can become the reason of approach of repeated extra-uterine pregnancy is at the same time checked.

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