Whether it is possible to become pregnant during monthly

Whether it is possible to become pregnant during monthly

Many consider that approach of pregnancy during monthly is impossible, and quietly have sex without being protected. But doctors on a question whether it is possible to become pregnant during monthly, give other answer.

In most cases doctors recommend to partners to be protected during critical days first of all not to bring an infection. Probability of reproduction of bacteria in a uterus cavity sharply increases as blood is favorable substrate.

The risk to become pregnant during monthly is, but it is very small. But if for the woman the possible pregnancy is unwanted, then it is necessary to be protected anyway. 

Doctors allocated the following options when there is pregnancy at monthly:

  • Sometimes there is a maturing during one menstrual cycle at once of two ova. Their development can be as synchronous, and with a difference in a short period of time. It occurs in cases of genetic predisposition, irregular sex life, sharp increases in hormones.
  • Violation of a hormonal background of the woman and irregular menstrual cycle. As a result an opportunity to foresee an ovulation without special devices and tests becomes impossible. Perhaps both early maturing of an ovum, and delay. If sexual intercourse drops out the last days periods, then approach of pregnancy is quite possible. Activity of spermatozoa on some researches can reach up to 14 days.
  • It is possible to become pregnant during monthly if before there was a reception the COOK. But here probability increases only if the scheme of reception was violated. For example, the woman took a certain quantity of medicines, and then sharply threw. As a result she begins cancellation bleeding. The chance to become pregnant in that case sharply increases.
  • It is possible to become pregnant during monthly if the woman has a short menstrual cycle. In that case spermatozoa of the partner will be able to wait for an ovulation in the woman's organism.

Reasons of an early ovulation

As the main reasons for approach of early maturing and exit of an ovum are considered:

  • Abortion consequences.
  • Violations of a hormonal background.
  • Emotional overstrain and long stress.
  • Change of climate.
  • Diseases of infectious character.
  • Strong load of an organism in the form of trainings.
  • Harmful work.
  • Intake of some medicines.
  • Early maturing of an ovum of not clear etiology.

As a result it is possible to draw a conclusion that the probability to become pregnant during monthly at a regular cycle and the permanent partner is improbable. But if the woman has an irregular cycle, hormonal failure or other problems, then the risk sharply increases.

To be quiet and not to think of an opportunity to become pregnant, best of all to use reliable means of protection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team