Whether it is possible to define twins without ultrasonography

Whether it is possible to define twins without ultrasonography

It is considered that a shape of a stomach, the health at pregnancy and the speed of set of weight can be told not only about sex of future child, but also about quantity of embryos. The woman independently can define all this, having paid attention to toxicosis, manifestations of fatigue and the appeared flavoring addictions. All these signs amplify in a development situation in it two fruits. The gynecologist also at the first survey can already define presence at the pregnant woman of twins or twins. Subsequently the conducted researches ultrasonography confirm these data.

As the gynecologist defines pregnancy by twins without ultrasonography

Polycarpous pregnancy became quite frequent phenomenon. Its emergence is caused by generally genetic factors. Often the pregnant woman who got used to the idea of one child on the second trimester gets a big stress, having learned that she expects it birth of twins or twins. Actually, the gynecologist can define such pregnancy at its beginning. It will be helped with it by visual inspection and results of analyses.

For example, the uterus increased in sizes and heavy jump of HGCh hormone will tell about twins at once, it is characteristic only of pregnant women. Normal its indicator is equal 3, and in the presence of two fruits this figure will double. Screening will reveal high content of protein in the APF test. The doubled heartbeat determined by the special Doplera system on the eighth week of pregnancy will also tell about presence of two children in mother's womb. On small terms of ultrasonography can not show two fruits since one can be behind another. But during survey the experienced doctor will be able surely to probe them and will inform the woman.

Many are sure that ultrasonography will do harm to future child and essentially do not go on them. 3 procedures during pregnancy are considered as norm. They not only will not do harm to health of the kid, but also will help to detect malformations in time.

Symptoms of polycarpous pregnancy

These signs, of course, belong more to intuitive, than to reliable. But often happens so that else before arrival on ultrasonography the woman is sure of fast birth of twins. The most visible sign is the stomach. It begins to grow with such speed that by the end of the first trimester its sizes can be compared to those who already gathered in the decree. It is connected with increase in the sizes of a uterus. By the way, weight will also be gained very quickly. Stirs of twins begin too early enough, before the 20th week.

And it is interesting that children move at the same time that creates mothers noticeable discomfort, it is necessary to accept the position of a body convenient for two.

At polycarpous pregnancy there is very sensitive a breast, it increases by 2-3 sizes, all touches to it cause unpleasant feelings. Since kids two, the diaphragm begins to rise already in the early stages of pregnancy – it leads to appearance of severe short wind throughout all term. Also emergence probability grows in your family of twins if in your sort such cases already met. If it seems to you that all above-mentioned signs at you are observed, then it is possible to try to palpate polycarpous pregnancy independently. For this purpose during walking put both hands on a stomach bottom: if there are two fruits, then two heads will be distinctly probed. Pay attention to a shape of the tummy: at polycarpous pregnancy it will be square in the lower part.

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