Whether it is possible to do fluorography during a lactation

Whether it is possible to do fluorography during a lactation

For passing of medical examination at employment or when obtaining the driver's license of all people direct to passing of fluorography to detect the dangerous diseases of bodies of a respiratory system. But for the feeding woman it is inspection it is unsafe. The decision on need of carrying out this inspection is made by the doctor.

For what do fluorography

The fluorography is designed to define a condition of lungs and presence in it of tumors or other nonspecific formations. Normal this survey is carried out once a year. Recently, it is authorized to undergo it twice for separate categories of people. Defining a disease at early stages, it can be cured more likely without consequences for further activity. Besides, having defined the sick person, he is isolated at once in a quarantine zone because of an opportunity to transmit a disease to healthy people.

Who needs to study fluorography without fail

For many young mothers the fluorography is an indispensable condition for discharge from maternity hospital.

If in family or in an inner circle is sick or earlier had tuberculosis or other infectious disease of a respiratory system; if the person is with positive reaction to Mant in contact; if the region of residence is noted by a large number of the patients with tuberculosis. If on some of points there is an affirmative answer, it is necessary to study fluorography even to the feeding mom.

Whether the fluorography when feeding is harmful a breast

The period of a lactation complicates both diagnostics, and treatment of the woman. Many diseases the feeding woman is forced to treat safe medicines not to do harm to the baby, the eating her breast milk. The doctor has to make the decision on need of passing of fluorography, estimating all risks. If there is an opportunity to postpone this inspection, then it is better to make it to feeding termination term. But if the doctor makes the decision in favor of inspection, it is necessary to consider some recommendations. If there is an opportunity, then X-ray picture of lungs is better to replace fluorography. Extent of radiation is in that case much lower.

The fluorography does not give a full guarantee that you are not sick tuberculosis. An exact way to define it is blood test.

Pay attention that the fluorography happens two types: film and digital. At present the digital method of a research as it proved as safer and simplified for interpretation is more often used. When passing it is worth learning in what way you will be looked through and to warn about your status of the feeding mom. After radiation, breast milk will need to be decanted, it is unsafe for feeding. At this time it is better to feed the kid with the adapted dairy mix or earlier decanted maternal milk.

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