Whether it is possible to do Kegel's exercises at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to do Kegel's exercises at pregnancy

 During pregnancy the woman can feel unpleasant changes in an organism, such as decrease in sexual desire or incontinence of urine because of ease of coxofemoral muscles. Not the difficult and not demanding special efforts Kegel's (imbuilding) exercises which are intended to support a tone of the mentioned muscles and also to prepare patrimonial ways to the birth of the kid can become the help for it in this situation.

In article we will tell how it is correct to pregnant women to carry out intimate gymnastics.

The described complex was developed by the American obstetrician-gynecologist A. Kegel who in the middle of the XX century was engaged in the solution of problems of a female genital and development of gymnastics for intimate muscles.

Its principle is under construction at the serial tension and relaxation of muscles between an anus and a vagina at the expense of what they will be in a constant tone that, in turn, will help to avoid above-mentioned problems.

Important! Training muscles of an intimate zone, it is necessary to consider that in the course of pumping only the area of a crotch has to participate: the muscular system of hips, a peritoneum and buttocks do not participate in work.

Further we will consider what benefit Kegel's gymnastics can bring to future mothers and possible contraindications for this purpose.

As it was told above, this complex is extremely necessary for future mother as because of the growing uterus she has a stretching of muscle tissues and decrease in their elasticity.

Important! Beginning to be engaged in an imbuilding already on the early term of incubation and doing it it is regular, through a short period the woman will be able already to carry out reductions of a crotch with little effort and even without conscious control in return.

  • strengthening of pelvic muscles and crotch;
  • elimination discomfortable and pain which sometimes arises at pregnancy;
  • ability to control and operate coxofemoral muscles that allows to use correctly them during future childbirth;
  • an opportunity to cope with a pain syndrome during a rodorazresheniye;
  • reduction of risk of gaps;
  • fast restoration after patrimonial activity;
  • urination control;
  • help in treatment of inflammations in a female genital;
  • improvement of the general physical state and emotional spirit;
  • improvement of sexual activity and its preservation even in mature years;
  • treatment of hemorrhoids;
  • balance of hormones of the sexual sphere;
  • prevention of formation of blood clots.

If future mother has some violations of health, occupation a training of intimate muscles to it can be contraindicated. Therefore, making the decision to be engaged in an imbuilding, she needs to know as much as possible about the health.

For this purpose the woman surely has to consult with the gynecologist who conducts her pregnancy and if she is healthy, then the doctor will approve the similar idea. But there are cases when nevertheless it is better for it to refrain from similar gymnastics.

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  • threat of spontaneous abortion;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • recent operation;
  • the suffered injuries;
  • feverish state;
  • severe toxicosis;
  • cystitis;
  • cardiovascular violations;
  • good-quality and malignant new growths;
  • painful feelings in a vagina;
  • gestosis.

Even if the pregnant woman has no serious contraindications for these exercises, she all the same has to be careful and carry out them only in a sitting position or standing. Especially it is relevant for 16-18 weeks term later. Otherwise there can be excessive pressure upon vessels which play a major role in food of future baby.

The described movements can be carried out in any pose:

  • sitting;
  • lying (it is allowed up to 16 weeks);
  • having risen on all fours;
  • on cards.

It is below — exercises for a training of muscles of intimate area.

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  1. Lying on a back, bend legs in knee joints, having parted them in the parties. Put soles on a flooring closer to buttocks. Hands are along the case.
  2. Strain muscles of promezhnostny department for 10 seconds, imitating an urine current stop.
  3. Relax and give to muscles a little to have a rest.
  4. It is necessary to execute 10 repetitions.
  5. At each subsequent occupation the number of repetitions has to increase, having reached 30.

Important! Do not create power tension in intimate area as the main goal of occupations is to learn control of muscles of this zone: this ability is useful to you during the coming childbirth.

  1. Lay down, bend the lower extremities in knee joints, and then arrange them on a fitball.
  2. Alternately strain a crotch and an anus, and then relax them, moving back and imitating a wave.
  3. In the beginning occupations of tension are carried out quietly. When at you it turns out rather well, speed can be increased.
  4. The necessary number of repetitions — 15.
  1. The starting position can be any: sitting, lying or standing.
  2. By force of imagination rise on elevator and stop for several moments on each imagined floor, straining vagina muscles.
  3. Rising above and above, increase efforts at each stage.
  4. On the top floor linger slightly longer.
  5. Begin to go down, gradually reducing tension. At the last stage completely relax.
  6. The number of repetitions — ten.
  7. It will be possible to increase the number of floors and the stay time spent for them later.

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  1. It is carried out sitting, in a pose of lotus (the knees bent and divorced in the parties).
  2. At an exhalation it is necessary to hold the breath for some time and to be extinguished a little, kind of sticking out outside a vagina.
  3. Inhaling, squeeze the stuck-out muscles.
  4. Repetitions — up to 10 times.

Whether you know? The Imbuilding is recommended to women with the increased blood pressure: the training of intimate muscles strengthens intake of oxygen in brain cages that contributes to normalization of arterial blood pressure.

  1. It is carried out standing, having a foot of legs on width of shoulders.
  2. Sit down without separation of heels from a flooring. The back keeps exactly, the body is transferred to heels. It is possible to facilitate a task, slightly leaning against a chair.
  3. Execute 10 squats.

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  1. Lay down on a back, bend legs in knee joints, feet — on a floor, are a little moved to buttocks. Hands are along a body, palms down.
  2. Raise a basin and be late in this point for several moments, several times making tension of pelvic muscles.
  3. Relaxation and return to a starting position lying.
  4. Repetition — to ten times.

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  1. Having sat down on a carpet, bend under yourself legs, lower buttocks on heels. Hands lean behind yourself, cast away the head back.
  2. Strain a press and raise hips over heels, then squeeze muscles of intimate area.
  3. For several moments hold compression then it is necessary to relax and lower a basin.
  4. To repeat 10 times.

Whether you know? In the past intimate gymnastics the Japanese geishas well owned that allowed them not only to be skillful women of easy virtue, but also for a long time to keep beauty of a body and to give birth to children without any problem. In this art they were trained from early age.

That occupations an imbuilding brought to the pregnant woman the most positive result, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  • inadmissibly, that the pregnant woman during the occupations overtired therefore she needs to take a break;
  • during the occupations it is necessary to hold the most convenient for itself position;
  • loading needs to be raised gradually;
  • breath has to be deep and measured, without delays (if that is not demanded by exercise);
  • it is necessary to strain only necessary muscles, differently if to involve also others, then the effect of exercises will be lower;
  • if there are discomfortable feelings, occupations it is better to stop and consult the gynecologist.

Sometimes in the beginning it is impossible to do gymnastics at full capacity, but it is not necessary to be given: regular trainings will help to achieve the necessary effect.

At occupations an imbuilding by means of Kegel's exercises for pregnant women — long-term positive practice therefore gynecologists often recommend them to future mothers. At the same time it is important to women to remember that they need to adhere to the useful recommendations provided in our article it is correct to carry out exercises and to observe precautionary measures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team