Whether it is possible to do sports during pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to do sports during pregnancy?

For many women sport – an integral part of life. The question of a possibility of holding trainings rises when the girl learns that she is pregnant. Of course, first of all it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. If to sports activities you have no contraindications, useful recommendations will help you to continue trainings without harm for health.

Advantage of sports trainings for pregnant women

Systematic sports activities increase emotional and physical stability of a female body, positively influence a metabolism, improve work of respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system. Regularly training, you reduce risk of postnatal complications, minimize possible gaps, simplify course of both the pregnancy, and sorts.

It should be noted also positive influence of sports activities on future kid. If during pregnancy the woman leads an inactive life, in her organism stagnant processes can gradually develop. In this case physical activities are just necessary.

The fruit receiving enough oxygen and nutrients develops correctly.

During pregnancy many women feel discomfort and an indisposition in the mornings. Correctly picked up physical exercises will help to avoid these unpleasant feelings.

Necessary information

It is necessary to remember and realize that not all sports are allowed pregnant women. At incubation of the child are forbidden: parachute jumps, riding, karate, boxing, diving, a diving, a water ski, run on long distances, sprinting, a step, dancing aerobics, group sports activities, driving the bicycle, downhill skiing, exercises which are based on sharp movements. Even if you are well prepared and actively did sports before pregnancy, you cannot continue trainings at full capacity. Loadings need to be reduced significantly.

During pregnancy it is recommended to women to do swimming, yoga or special physical education.

For sports activities select the most comfortable clothes and footwear. Nothing has to hold down your movements. The same concerns footwear. The most suitable for sports activities it is considered to be the second trimester of pregnancy. It is recommended to stop trainings at the end of the 8th month. If during sports activities you feel bad: there were severe pains in muscles, short wind, dizziness – the training should be stopped immediately. Then it is obligatory to ask for the help the attending physician. Perhaps, this set of exercises does not suit you. Consult to the expert what exercises will do you good and will not do much harm to future kid.

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