Whether it is possible to drink beer at pregnancy

Whether it is possible to drink beer at pregnancy

Pregnancy - really wonderful stage in the woman's life. So much joy promises birth of the kid! But the period of pregnancy is rather long and difficult. Future mothers have many questions of how to meet own desires not to the detriment of the baby.

Flavoring addictions of pregnant women

Often during pregnancy there are special flavoring addictions, requirement to eat some product or to drink a certain drink even if before such preferences was not. It is obvious that many products do not cause concern for the child, but if there is desire to drink beer, women have doubts and whether costs. What in it cases are told by experts?

Doctors strongly recommend to refrain from consumption of beer during course of all term of pregnancy including during feeding by a breast.

Harm of beer for the pregnant woman

The first what pregnant women need to remember: beer is an alcoholic drink. The maintenance of small percent of alcohol, in comparison with other alcohol, does not testify to safety of this drink. Alcohol can have catastrophic impact on a fruit, cause deviations in its physical and mental development, especially during the first trimester. In appearance harmless, the use of a small amount of alcohol by the pregnant woman, for example, a beer glass in hot day or a glass of wine for dinner, is fraught with grave consequences in the form of emergence of an alcoholic syndrome which can appear at yet not born kid. But besides alcohol, beer contains various chemicals. Such element as the phytoestrogen having similarity to human hormone can cause various violations in a fruit during its pre-natal development. Causing decrease in growth rates and development, excessive consumption of beer can even lead to fruit death. The modern market of alcoholic products offers in appearance harmless drink, adding the word "nonalcoholic" to the name of beer. But is it safe for an organism of the pregnant woman? This drink conceals in itself many dangers too. First of all, it is not deprived of alcohol completely therefore it is also harmful. Besides, various chemical minerals and preservatives are added to nonalcoholic beer that can cause negative reaction not only in the pregnant woman.

Recommendations of doctors of consumption of beer by pregnant women

Even if that you learned about the mass of negative consequences of the consumption of beer there is a keen desire, doctors recommend to drink only 50-100 grams of drink. Perhaps, it will allow to calm flavoring receptors. But nevertheless it is better to replace beer with any other drink or a product containing components, harmless to an organism. Remember that pregnancy is a responsible period for the woman. The wrong way of life and failure to follow recommendations of doctors during this period can do harm to a weak organism of the child. Consumption of beer in such time is dangerous, and therefore it is necessary to limit the desires for the sake of health and happiness of the future kid.

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