Whether it is possible to drink ivan-tea at pregnancy?

Whether it is possible to drink ivan-tea at pregnancy?

 Pregnancy — the special period in the woman's life connected with certain changes of a standard rhythm of life and food allowance. Not all products taken earlier and drinks will be equally useful now therefore it is worth reconsidering also a possibility of use grassy chayov, in this case ivan-tea.

Ivan tea: useful structure

The plant called in common people ivan-tea has also more literary name — willow-herb. The drink made from its different parts is nutritious and useful as it contains a set of important connections and substances, and it at the caloric content of 140-150 kcal on 100 g.

Are especially distinguished from the main components of elements of tea:

  • tannic connections — 6.12-10.1%;
  • cellulose — 13.13-26.01%;
  • proteins — 12.21-16.4%;
  • anthocyans — 1.01-1.81%;
  • slime — 8.83-19.37%;
  • lignin — 8.67-13.8%;
  • carotene — 3.64-7.59 mg;
  • routines — 16027.72 mg;
  • vitamins — C, A, PP, group B (B1-B3, B6, B9).

Besides, a lot of useful is a part of drink micro and macrocells, among which iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper and selenium are considered as the main. You should not forget also about the essential oils and bioflavonoids which are present here capable to strengthen vessels, to slow down processes of aging and to reduce risk of development of oncology.

Whether you know? Ivan tea it is possible to make up to 5 times, and its flavoring and useful properties will remain at the same high level as earlier.

Whether it is possible to drink at pregnancy

Practically all obstetricians-gynecologists do not recommend to the pregnant patients treatment by herbs, however, as for the described plant, it is quite safe at any stage of incubation of the child. The only thing what it is worth paying attention to — quantity and regularity of the consumption of similar tea and also lack of individual contraindications (it is possible to drink ivan-tea or not — the gynecologist will prompt).

On early terms

In the first trimester of pregnancy it is not recommended to make more than 1 teaspoon of a grass for time, drinking only 1-2 glasses of grass drink a day. If to trust responses of women, such drink helps to lower a nerve strain, to reduce morning nausea and quicker to stabilize a hormonal background.

Considering that strong medicines are not suitable for use for this purpose, ivan-tea will become excellent means for normalization of an emotional condition of future mother, without any harmful effects on the developing fruit organism. On the contrary, for full formation it needs vitamins and minerals which in an optimum ratio are present at the mentioned plant.

Learn what tea it is possible at pregnancy.

On late terms

From the beginning of the second half of pregnancy, it is possible to increase quantity of the grass of ivan-tea made for time to 1–2 teaspoons, consuming at the same time no more than three glasses of drink a day. On late terms such grass infusion makes the all-strengthening impact on an organism of future mother, helps to facilitate cold symptoms, and tannins in its structure make antimicrobial impact. Moreover, unlike many other similar means, the willow-herb does not contain caffeine and does not excite nervous system though at the same time not bad copes with the increased uneasiness.

Important! It is important! Both in the first, and in the last trimester, it is desirable to use ivan-tea for an hour before meal, and in pure form (without sugar and other sweeteners). The reception course for the pregnant woman makes 2–3 weeks after which it is better to take a monthly break.

Rules of the use

That the made drink brought to an organism only benefit, it is important to know about some nuances of preparation and use of a plant. First of all, enters the list of obligatory actions:

  • consultation at the gynecologist;
  • collecting leaves of a willow-herb during active blossoming of a plant, only in dry weather and far away from industrial facilities or roads (of course if the ready-made product is not bought in drugstore);
  • drying of leaflets according to a standard method of drying: having just spread out on a laying in well aired place (raw materials will be ready to a zavarivaniye approximately in 2–3 days);
  • direct preparation of drink which is based on infusion of a dry grass within five minutes;
  • filtering of ready tea through a gauze (it is quite probable that the garbage or parts of the plant will get to it);
  • it is desirable to drink drink on an empty stomach, on 200 ml for once and small drafts;
  • between courses of the consumption of tea it is necessary to take a break, otherwise disorder of digestive system is possible.

Harm and contraindications

Usually tea from a willow-herb is well transferred by an organism of pregnant women, but the excessive use is quite capable to cause some unpleasant manifestations in the form of nausea, vomiting or even dizziness.

Whether you know? Seeds of the described plant practically as a living organism, getting to the soil, they can be stored quietly in it several years, waiting for the most favorable time for germination.

Besides, the extreme care at application of drink should be observed also to the women suffering from:

  • thrombophlebitises;
  • thromboses;
  • the increased blood clotting;
  • frequent allergic reactions.

Always begin consumption of tea with small doses, watching closely the state. If soon after intake of drink on skin the rash or just reddenings develops, surely it is worth reporting about it to the doctor. As a result of overdose also frustration of a chair is possible that usually passes right after cancellation of tea. No other manifestations should be therefore if allergic reactions were not noticed, and the taste and aroma do not cause disgust, then there is no sense to stop consumption of this useful drink even during pregnancy. Following rules of preparation and a zavarivaniye of a grass, you will provide the organism with the mass of necessary substances which will be useful also to the developing fruit.

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